In Mayenne, a new garage, specialized in Subarus, opens its doors

In Mayenne, a new garage, specialized in Subarus, opens its doors

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Gilles Perrault, and his assistant mechanic Lola, in front of his newly installed garage in Saint-Denis d’Anjou (Mayenne), near Sablé-sur-Sarthe. ©Sable News

From small children’s cars to large models, there is only one step for Gilles Perrault.

Passionate about SubaruThe brand that was all the rage in the 90s and 2000s, opened it garage A small car at the door Saint-Denis d’Anjou (Mayenne), next to Sable-sur-Sarthe.

Repairing, selling parts and cars, he only works under the Japanese brand that the 45-year-old claims to be a specialist.

15 years in business

Before entering this “niche” business, Gilles Perrault discovered other aspects ofof cars. It was through his father, who ran a garage himself, that the passion was passed on to him.

He had opened it first garage Small car in 2018 Parce-sur-Sarthe before leaving Noyen-sur-Sarthe and sell his business.

Then I wanted to live in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, but the project could not be realized. I had the opportunity to settle here, after the legal dissolution of a company specializing in the sale of agricultural equipment.

Gilles Perrault, manager.

15 years ago, he entered business sale of rare spare parts.

“I’ve always loved it sports cars and when we have one and we do cycles, we quickly break things on it. You have to learn to repair yourself and second-hand parts are rare and expensive. I bought a wrecked car to get the parts I needed. Then I sold the rest. This is where I discovered the medium. »

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Also on the songs

A very closed environment where Gilles has increased communication over the course of his various experiences. Because he also worked on the circuits organizing the race Subaru.

I was part of the crew that accompanied people who wanted to try their hand at testing, an activity that can be found in gift boxes, for example.

With his own flight school, which he sold two years ago, the Sarthois even became runway operators. Today, he just stayed in touch with the site Dreux for rent and maintenance Subaru.

But for the country of 24 HoursTHE Subaru they have no great interest. “These are cars made for rallying. In the 24 Hours, it’s a circuit that allows you to work on your endurance. »

“recreational vehicle”

In his new garage, Gilles Perrault is accompanied by Lola, 20, an assistant mechanic whom the specialist enjoys training.

“Here, we are in real craftsmanship, it changes me from traditional repairs”, he assures.

“I would like to find an additional technician, but one who is skilled in Subarucars that are made to go fast,” adds the boss.

At Sub Car, we only deal with Subaru. ©Sable News

For Subaru by road, it takes between 15,000 and 30,000 €. “For racing models, it is between 50,000 and 60,00 €. For many customers, it is a car that remains for fun. »

At the door of the garage, various models registered in the four corners of France. “I work with 1,300 customers, some for years. By 2024, Gilles Perrault hopes to fit the showroom.

Small Carriage, 49, route SABlé in Saint-Denis d’Anjou. By appointment only at 02 43 92 49 04 or 06 80 93 33 88.

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