In Mazda even at a discount

In Mazda even at a discount

Warehouse trolleys available immediately
In Mazda even at a discount

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Buy cheap cars and drive away – did that ever exist? “Auto Verkehr” has gone through the websites of the manufacturers and checked who still offers how many small or compact storage cars.

At there is currently no Mazda 2 only with sales support.

(Photo: Mazda)

Buying small cars from stock right now is not easy. The cover topic of Thursday’s edition of “Auto Verkehr” has therefore looked around at the home pages of manufacturers and importers, where there are still offers.

Not surprisingly, the editors haven’t found any cheap models. In addition, the search was not always easy: while VW, BMW, Audi, Citroën, Seat, Skoda and Mazda have easy-to-use search functions, Opel and Ford make it more difficult for users to find the configuration they want. In some cases, testers had to switch to dealer websites or swap cars.

Last but not least, the editors were pleased with the new car search on – the Japanese even continue to run interesting sales programs. There is a new Mazda 2 around 2,400 euros below the list price from a good 16,000 euros. Or CX-30 – about 2,500 euros cheaper from 26,000 euros.

MX-5 under 30,000 euros

For the larger CX-5, the selection increases from around 31,000 euros – with a discount of 5,500 euros. And you can choose the MX-5 with a discount of about 4,000 euros for less than 30,000 euros from the large number of cars on offer.

Also at there should be many small and compact cars with discounts of up to 4,000 euros. Consumers have a greater choice with the Micra – from 16,000 euros.

At there are more than 500 hybrid variants available at once, but those who like online have to pay at least 18,000 euros for them.

Apparently, provides an overview of the Opel warehouse car situation – according to reports, at least 700 cars were found directly there – more Corsas (from around 17,500 euros) and a few Mokkas – more than 24,000 euros.

There is no cheap compact with stars

At Mercedes you will find A and B models, but no basic variants. The A-Class is only available from 42,500 euros.

According to the magazine, the offer is the best for Audi. There are many options from 21,500 euros for the A1 and from 30,000 euros for the A3. According to the report, Q2 (from 29,500 euros) and Q3 models (from 41,000 euros) are also available in large numbers.

Golf going from 29,000 euros

There are approximately 5,000 new cars available immediately on the VW website, including 1,000 T-Roc and 700 Golf models. However, it is not in the basic configuration here either. Golf starts at 29,260 euros with manual transmission, T-Roc at 26,650 euros.

On, the offer for one starts at 30,000 euros, for the two-seater Active Tourer around 32,500, for the three-seater 40,000 and for the X1 around 37,500 euros.

Fabias is available well

The Ibiza is listed on with a starting price of just 20,000 euros. Only a few copies of the best-selling Leon are available at the gate for less than 27,000 euros, while the Arona selection increases from around 23,500 euros.

At the moment Skoda offers 1,300 beautiful new cars, Fabia from 15,000 euros, Kamiq, of which there is a small selection from 23,500 euros, and Karoq – from 27,000 euros.

Surprisingly, in VW: There are no electric cars

Consumers who still want to benefit from government subsidies for BEVs and hybrids won’t – not surprisingly – rarely get any. Even the market leader from Wolfsburg does not offer a portable electric car on its website. Here, on the other hand, Peugeot shines: both the electric E-208 and E-2008 are relatively cheap and immediately available in large numbers.

At there are about 20 units of the BEV 500 series – but only from 34,000 euros.

At least Audi, Hyundai, Peugeot and Ford have some hybrid cars that are eligible and immediately available.

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