In Portugal, a TCE-GO consultant is working on the Yanomami humanitarian crisis

In Portugal, a TCE-GO consultant is working on the Yanomami humanitarian crisis


Goiania – The tragedy of the Yanomami people, which caused the deaths of 570 indigenous children in Roraima, was one of the topics addressed this Wednesday (1/24), during the 18th International Conference of Lawyers, in Funchal, Madeira Island (Portugal). The topic was included in the lecture of the consultant of the Court of Audit of the State of Goiás, Edson Ferrari, one of the Brazilians invited to the event that brings together lawyers from several countries, promoted by the International Network of Legal Excellence.

“I did not come here, outside my country, with the intention of revealing any situation or fact that could damage the reputation of Brazil, however, after being in Portuguese soil, I received terrible news from there, as an example of the evil that liberalism is capable of to produce”, explained Ferrari, who is the president of the Technical Committee for Early Childhood, at the Rui Barbosa Institute.

Images of emaciated indigenous people and news of the hardships of life in 120 tribal communities left completely abandoned and surrounded by loggers and illegal mining caused an uproar among participants. As a result of the crisis, the Ministry of Health declared a state of emergency and has been taking emergency measures to help the indigenous people and has determined measures to combat illegal mining in the area.

Counselor Ferrari’s talk addressed the role of accounting courts in early childhood advocacy. Last Friday, while still in Portugal, he spoke about public policies on childhood and the contribution of review courts.

Brazil’s external regulatory system has followed an international convergence that prioritizes the evaluation of public policies as a way to influence the improvement and greater effectiveness of government measures for the protection of vulnerable people, such as pregnant women and children.