In the final of the 64th Selva di Fasano Cup with excitement and success in Faggioli

In the final of the 64th Selva di Fasano Cup with excitement and success in Faggioli

The rain reduced the track in the final stages and the Florentine with Norma officially won the general classification after a straightaway with the best Lombardi on Osella who finished 3rd on the podium behind the returning Samuele Cassibba, immediately signed with Nova. Proto. In the GT restoration of Iacoangeli in the BMW ahead of Peruggini in the Ferrari. Crescenza on Osella first Pugliese finish.

Aci Games May 14, 2023

Fasano (BR) – The 64th Coppa Selva di Fasano was a series of exciting challenges in bright colors, with an exciting final that raised the traditional large audience of the Apulian race professionally organized by Egnathia Corse, the third round of the Italian Hill Climb Championship. Simone Faggioli won on the Norma M20 FC Zytek with a total time of 4’34″79 and a best time of the day of 2’09″32 in race 1. A performance that allowed the Florentine from the Best Lap to have a substantial advantage. in race 2, when the rain arrived in the final stages of the second climb and Achille Lombardi had already led his attack to victory. One by one between Faggioli and Vimotorsport potentino on the Osella PA 2000 Turbo. Lombardi finished 3rd overall due to an electrical problem that slowed him down in race 1. Second on the podium was Samuele Cassibba from Ragusa, the new standards holder for Scuderia Ateneo, who in his season debut in the Nova Proto Energy V8 . I got a good response right away.

Important guests improved the appointment of CIVM in Brindisi, with F.1 drivers Giancarlo Fisichella in the position of the forerunner and Alex Caffi who led Tesla to his first mountain, then the Lamborghini Squadra Corse who, together with the home driver Ivan Pezzolla, gave the opportunity to see The exclusive “Essenza SCV12” used, an 850 horsepower supercar built in just 40 units.

– “It was very difficult today and there are a few regrets about the 2nd race, but I could not risk more in the rain – explained Faggioli – unfortunately the rain that fell at that time jeopardized my perfect score, even if the victory always brings satisfaction”-.

– “We worked a lot on some updates for our two seats, especially on the gearbox – said Samuele Cassibba – we received excellent responses from the first trip and this means that the direction is right” -.

– “In the 2nd race everything went well and we got this good performance and the satisfaction of winning the climb – Lombardi said – the team immediately solved the electrical problem that slowed down the speed in the 1st race and the results were obvious.”

Luca Caruso from Catania finished a good race at the bottom of the podium and had further confirmation of the Osella PA 21 Honda settings in the E2SC version. Few regrets for the passionate Ragusan Franco Caruso who, after the second best time in race 1 on the Nova Proto NP 01-2, was slowed down by the rain on the second climb. The race was very wet, due to the rain that fell at the end of the race, when the red flag changed the fate of the race and forced some of the protagonists to restart. Tommaso Carbone from Campania also impressed, finishing 3rd in the 2000 class and 6th overall on the Osella PA 21. The first driver from Puglia was Arcangelo Crescenza from Fasano on the Osella PA 2000 turbo, who crossed the finish line in 8.

The battle of the GT group ended in 7th place overall, with the return and success in the overall of Marco Iacoangeli in the BMW Z4 GT3, who overtook Lucio Peruggi from Foggia who, in the Ferrari 488 Challenge in the GT Super Cup edition, had won the climb for the first time by 36 hundredths of a second. In the end the gap between the two was 2”24 with Peruggini 2nd, ninth overall. A perfect third place in Francesco Montagna’s home race, of course in a Lamborghini Huracan.

The top ten of the race was completed by Calabrian Rosario Iaquinta, who brought success in the CN group to 3rd on the newly acquired Osella PA 21 Honda, ahead of the reigning champion’s twin from Lazio, Alberto Scarafone.

One-two for Fasanese driver Francesco Savoia in the Peugeot 308 in the TCR group. The satisfaction came for the Gretaracing rider after a hard night of work to restore the car to its best after a heavy crash during testing. The second place of Giuseppe Aragona, the improved Calabrian on the Hyundai i30, in front of the twin sister of the Campanian Giuseppe D’Angelo, the author of the race in the perspective of the championship points.

Marco Gramenzi from Teramo who finished 16th overall in the Alfa 4C Judd, was finally rewarded for the effort required for the development of the extreme silhouette. Alessandro Tortora from Salerno was the revelation of the E1 group in the turbo Peugeot 106 in which the driver of Cava dei Tirreni won both climbs. All podiums for turbo cars and completed by Sicilian Pietro Ragusa and local Vitantonio Micoli in Renault 5 GTs.

In Racing Start Plus, Giacomo Liuzzi from Fasano from Egnathia Corse emerged as the winner who got the MINI again, the second place for the winner among the normal expected cars, and the decisive claws from Messina of Team Phoenix Salvatore Venuti, ahead of the Milanese. Gianluca for 14 cents Grossi on Renault Clio. Giovanni Angelilini got the most out of his home race in the MINI Racing Start Cup which he won by a double over Anna Maria Fumo, the Martina Franca driver in a Peugeot 308 and Salvatore De Nuccio in a MINI. In Racing Start, the victory of Angelo Loconte at home in the Peugeot 308 came only with the best time in the 2nd race, while the first climb had the advantage of another Apulian Alessandro Avizzigno who scored immediately with a Honda Civic driven for the first time. The very young South Tyrolean Selina Prantl shone again in the MINI, finishing in second place in the overall standings, showing the finesse and agility on the track seen for the first time last Friday.

Overall Position: 1. Faggioli (Norma M20 Fc) 4’34”79; 2. Cassibba S. (Nova Proto Np01 V8 Synergy) 4”44; 3. Lombardi (Osella Pa21 4C T) 6″00; 4. Caruso L. (Osella Pa21 E2Sc) 11″41; 5. Caruso (Nova Proto Np01) 12”64; 6. Coal (Osella Pa21 E2Sc) 20”01; 7. Iacoangeli (Bmw Z4 Gt3) 20”78; 8. Crescenza (Osella Pa2000 T) 22”63; 9. Peruggini (Ferrari 488 Ch. Evo) 23”02; 10. Iaquinta (Osella Pa21) 27”60.
Race 1: 1. Faggioli 2’09”32; 2. Caruso F. 5”58; 3. Fazzino (Osella Pa2000 T) 8”57; Conticelli F (Nova Proto Np01) 9″46; Cassibba S. 10″16.
Race 2: 1. Lombardi 2’17”60; 2. Cassibba S. 2”15; 3. Caruso L. 4”39; 4. Faggioli 7”87; 5. Crescenza 7”93
Rs: 1. Loconte (Peugeot 308) 6’07”34; 2. Prantl (Mini Cooper) 1”99; 3. Cicalese (Mini Cooper) 3”53.
Rs+: 1. Liuzzi (Mini Cooper) 5’30”30; 2. Venuti (Peugeot 106) 17”70; 3. Grossi (Renault Clio) 17”84.
Rs Cup: 1. Angelini (Mini Cooper) 5’39”06; 2. Smoke (Peugeot 308) 17″36; De Nuccio (Mini Cooper) 17″42.
E1: 1. Tortora (Peugeot 106) 5’24”09; 2. Ragusa (Renault 5 Gtt) 6”19; 3. Micoli (Renalut 5 Gtt) 8”97.
Tcr: 1. Savoy (Peugeot 308) 5’17”14; 2. Aragon (Hyundai i30) 6”50; 3. D’Angelo (Hyundai i30) 11”02.
GT: 1. Iacoangeli 4’55”57; 2. Perugini 2”24; 3. Mountain (Lamborghini Huracan St) 8”04.
E2Sh: 1. Gramenzi (Alfa 4C Furore) 5’11”10.
Cn: 1. Iaquinta 5’02”39; 2. Scarafone (Osella Pa21) 1″93; 3. George (Tatuus Py012) 2″69.
E2 Bike: 1. Gosio (Nova Proto Np03) 5’07”20. E2Sc: 1. Faggioli 4’34”79.
E2Ss: 1. Cardone (Wolf Gb08 Thunder) 5’34”82.