In the future, Iveco Bus will install fuel cell systems from Hyundai

In the future, Iveco Bus will install fuel cell systems from Hyundai

Iveco will use Hyundai fuel cell systems in its future hydrogen buses for Europe. The BZ systems will come from HTWO, an independent Hyundai brand announced in late 2020.

By deciding to collaborate with an Italian manufacturer in this area, HTWO expands the provision of its technology to other companies. Fuel cell systems are used in Hyundai FCEVs.

According to the news, Iveco Bus is already participating in European tenders for fuel buses with HTWO technology. In addition, the plan to restart bus production in Italy provides another opportunity to build buses with HTWO’s fuel cell technology, the statement said. In June, Iveco announced that it intends to resume bus production in Italy. Battery and fuel cell buses, among other things, should be integrated at the Iveco plant in Foggia in the future.

In March, Hyundai and Iveco agreed to explore possible collaboration on shared vehicle technology, joint sourcing and distribution, including powertrains and platforms, and fuel cell systems.


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“By working with an industry leader like HTWO, which builds on Hyundai’s more than 20 years of experience in hydrogen fuel cell technology, we at Iveco Bus can quickly respond to customer requests for zero-emission vehicles with soon of the train,” said Domenico. Nucera, President of the Bus Business Unit of the Iveco Group. “We have already started submitting public tenders for hydrogen-powered buses and will continue to do so in the coming months to further expand our leading role in the energy transition in European public transport.”

The approved use of fuel cell systems is not uncommon: Portuguese bus manufacturer CaetanoBus has been using Toyota fuel cells in its H2.CityGold model for years. The partnership now goes further that the cars are presented with the Toyota logo.