In the musical, Leilah Moreno will play the role that immortalized Whitney Houston

In the musical, Leilah Moreno will play the role that immortalized Whitney Houston

Photo: Disclosure / Sony Pictures

Actress and singer Leilah Moreno will play the role of a diva in the show O Guarda-Costas – O Musical, which will premiere on March 16, at Teatro Claro, in São Paulo.

Leilah will face the same challenge as Whitney Houston, who starred in the movie The Bodyguard, a huge box office success in 1992, which made her even more famous. It is the story of Rachel Marron, a very famous singer and actress, who receives terrifying letters from a mysterious stalker.

To protect him, his manager hires Frank Framer, a former Secret Service agent who failed to protect the US president in an attack. In the movie, the role was played by Kevin Costner, while in the theatrical version of Brazil the translator will be Fabrizio Gorziza.

For those who don’t remember the movie, the relationship between them becomes very close, to the point of falling in love. But the more they get involved, the more the guard realizes that living this love can make the singer’s life even more dangerous.

“The plot deals with important and current topics such as the presence of an intruder and the abuse that Rachel is going through; the feeling of loneliness experienced by the main character even in the face of fame; and the fact that love can be on our side, “says Ricardo Marques, who will direct the music in collaboration with Igor Pushinov.

The show – which will debut in Brazil, before Broadway – will bring many references to the original element, especially the details in the costumes and visagismo, which refer to the 1990s.

Among those songs, the most popular will definitely be I Will Always Love You, which became Whitney Houston’s song, as well as Run to You and I Have Nothing, which competed for the Oscar for best original song.

“The musical theater means that we have to translate the songs into Portuguese to be able to tell the story, but here we chose to do something different, so that the audience can enjoy and sing along with all these beautiful Whitney songs in English. Therefore, we will only have a few songs translated , only those that tell the story, but the big numbers will be in English”, reveals the director.

Marques also says that the scenery will not be real, but imaginary. “”Let’s play with shapes and some symbols to represent an environment like Rachel’s house. And, for his shows, the idea is that we have a good light show, costumes, choreography. I’m also thinking of extending the platform to the audience through a gadget, so that it can interact with people as if it were a real show.

Whitney Houston’s biography inspired the film I Wanna Dance With Somebody – The Whitney Houston Story, currently showing in theaters in São Paulo.

Produced by the production company 4Act Entretenimento, O Guarda-Costas – O Musical will also feature Talita Cipriano, Davi Martins, Pedro Galvão, Marcelo Goes Alves, Vinicius Conrad, Nalin Junior, Victor Barreto, Alvaro Real and Daiana Ribeiro.

The ensemble consists of experienced dancers such as Mariana Saraiva, Danilo Coelho, Felipe Tadeu, Leandro Naiss, Djeiko Henes, Lucas Maia, Raquel Gattermeier, Fernanda Sala Santos, Josemara Macedo, Thaiane Chuvas, Vicky Maila and Thiago Alves.