In this country, iPhone mini is a real hit

In this country, iPhone mini is a real hit

Globally, iPhones from the mini line, including the last generations of the SE model They weren’t hits like their beloved siblings. However, this does not mean that the situation is the same in all countries.

We don’t want a small smartphone

Browsing through many comments and opinions on the Internet, you can find the opinion that a smartphone with a small screen and a thin frame will be popular in sales. Moreover, it seems that such a device should be expected by many people.

However, it should be noted that most of these comments are from people who are more or less geeky. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the needs of the entire market, and for producers – due to income – the opinion of the general public is more important.

iPhone mini “Success” (12 and 13) proves that most people are not looking for the smallest smartphone. Interest at a level that is not suitable for Apple, others describe the very high price of models of the mini line, as well as the average battery consumption in them.

iPhone 13 mini (photo:

However, I believe that price is not the problem here. Indeed, for example iPhone 13 mini It was cheaper, it can reach the hands of more users, but it will be mainly due to the desire to buy devices with the apple mark bite, and not necessarily a smartphone with a small display. The mini 13 model could be the easiest way to own an iPhone for many.

It is also worth noting that the iPhone 12 does iPhone 13despite the high price, they sell attractivelyand yet they offer nothing more than a bigger screen. In addition, among mobile phones from other manufacturers, displays measuring 6 inches and more have become common, also on the lower and middle shelves. This is not a business model, but to meet the needs of customers.

In one country, however, small iPhones are very popular

In the world, Apple smartphones from the mini line did not reach the expected success, but this does not mean that they met with an average reception everywhere. According to a report published by CounterpointThe Japanese loved small gadgets from Cupertino.

iPhone mini sale
The most purchased smartphones in Japan (photo: Counterpoint)

The data shows the top five best-selling phones in 8 different countries, but we’ll focus on Japan first. The iPhone 12 mini in the Land of the Rising Sun became the third most chosen model in January 2022, and the mini 13 model came in fifth. In addition, the second position was iPhone SE 2020and thus another Apple smartphone that has not been very successful in the world. It seems the Japanese really like small shows.

The report also includes data from the US, UK, France and Germany. Perhaps it will not be surprising that in these rich countries, the most popular are iPhones, and especially the latest sales hit, 6.1-inch “Thirteen”. This smartphone was also the most popular choice in Japan. Here we can already talk about interacting with international trends.

India, South Korea and China are best from other ranks. In the first country, due to the low income of the majority of the population, cheap smartphones are leading – for example, LYF Jio Phone Next, Redmi 9A Sport or realme C11 2021. In the case of Korea, patriotism can help, for the best reasons. – to sell the model in January 2022 was Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5Galthough the second place belonged to the iPhone 13. In China, the iPhone was the first, second and third most frequently chosen, but the TOP 5 included two models except in seven other countries – OPPO Reno 7 5G and HONOR 60.

It should also be mentioned that Tim Cook’s team will be removing the mini line this year. iPhone 14 series It will have two models with a 6.1-inch screen and two models with a 6.7-inch screen. Why? You have the answer above. Japan itself is not enough to meet Apple’s high expectations in terms of sales and revenue.

iPhone 12 mini ads

If you are (after all) one of the few who prefer smartphones with small screens, you can buy them on Amazon Model 12 mini 128 GB for PLN 2999a 64 GB for PLN 2759. Shipping and sales are handled by Amazon. In Poland, in many stores, it costs – respectively – PLN 3,239 and from PLN 2,949.

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