In which European country is the cheapest Dacia?  Amazing price differences in 10 countries!  |

In which European country is the cheapest Dacia? Amazing price differences in 10 countries! |

The cheapest Dacia Sandero is offered in Slovakia, while the most expensive in Greece. The differences reach more than 4,000 euros, according to the list we have prepared for 10 countries. read.

The affordable Dacia Sandero mentioned at the beginning costs EUR 12,690 in Poland, based on today’s euro exchange rate. Cheaper than Poles will buy it, among others French, Slovak, Portuguese and Italian. It is more expensive in Romania and Greece. As for the Sandero Stepway model, it is the cheapest in Slovakia, and the most expensive again in Greece.

Dacia Duster is also the cheapest in Slovakia, once again Greece is at the other end of the scale. Apparently, the Greeks make a lot of money, because all the models here are very expensive. On the other hand, in Poland you can buy a Jogger at a very cheap price, Slovakia is cheaper than us again, but it’s only 177 euros difference.

In summary, a cheap Dacia purchase should be made in Slovakia, while we definitely avoid Greece as a place to buy, because of the huge differences with other European countries.

Dacia Europe Price Breakdown – February 2023

country of sale

Dacia Sandeo

Dacia Sandero Stepway

Dacia Duster

Dacia Jogger


EUR 13,900

EUR 14,400

EUR 15,850

EUR 16,490


EUR 11,490

EUR 14,900

EUR 16,990

EUR 16,990


EUR 12,350

EUR 14,300

EUR 15,000

EUR 16,800


EUR 11,250

EUR 13,650

EUR 14,590

EUR 16,200


EUR 13,673

EUR 14,399

EUR 15,851

EUR 16,456


EUR 13,040

EUR 14,570

EUR 17,740

EUR 18,040


EUR 11,650

EUR 15,244

EUR 16,400

EUR 17,650


EUR 15,560

EUR 16,620

EUR 19,490

EUR 19,280


EUR 11,900

EUR 14,700

EUR 16,550

EUR 17,450


EUR 12,690

EUR 14,322

EUR 16,314

EUR 16,377

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