Indian Scout 1250: More power, less weight / Product

Indian Scout 1250: More power, less weight / Product

Although announced as a 2025 model generation, the new Indian Scouts with the new 1250 engine will be available from May, in five model versions and a wide range of equipment.

After ten years, Indian announces a new generation of the Scout model series. The main part is a more developed V2, liquid cooled and now 1250 cc – called SpeedPlus 1250. The output of up to 112 hp and a torque of 109 Nm is an announcement that even exceeds the best formula of the country road – 100 hp, 100 Nm. . The performance data of the current generation Scout and 1133 V2, in which 95 hp and 97 Nm are mentioned, have also been exceeded.

The new Scout has been designed by Ola Stenegard, chief designer in India since 2018 and previously chief motorcycle designer at BMW for 15 years. “The opportunity to lead the design work for the next evolution of the Scout is a dream come true,” says Stenegard. “Our main priority was to maintain the iconic Scout name and ensure that the new model range is as durable as its predecessors. It was important for us to keep the design clean, follow the strong lines of the Scout and create a package that allows for seamless customization. “To achieve this, it all started with a tubular steel frame and a new V-twin engine.”

Stenegard also immediately announced that a steel frame instead of the previously used aluminum frame forms the heart of the chassis, which, however, manifests itself (in the Bobber version) with a reduced weight of 6 kg and a slim frame design.

When further developing the Scout prototype series, Indian workers focused on three areas. The look and style of the Indian Scout was to be retained. Furthermore, model series should be designed to meet the needs of different groups of drivers. Low weight and low seat height of 680 mm ensure confidence and driving dynamics. In India, emphasis has also been placed on consumer electronics. That was not a priority in this segment 10 years ago, when the first modern Indian Scout was launched, but that is different today. The new Scout model series offers a variety of technology packages for 2025.

The new generation Scout will be available in five models (currently there are four): as a Bobber (with a small, wide 16 mm front wheel), as a sports model (with axles and a 19 mm front wheel ), in a standard Edition (with spoked wheels) , as a touring version called the Super Scout (with pan and windshield) and as a top model 101 Scout with high quality, adjustable suspension components and brakes. 112 hp is reserved for the Scout 101, but other models are not limited to 105 hp.

All Scout models are equipped with ABS and LED lights as standard. Limited equipment adds traction control, cruise control and three selectable drive modes. The top device is called Limited + Tech and also includes an all-round touchscreen, GPS, navigation system and key to go.

When it comes to other accessories and various accessories, we don’t want to get lost in the possible combinations here. There are, among other things, 32 different ergonomic variants (handlebars, saddle, etc.), as well as a variety of style combinations and accessories.

Price: Bobber from 15,390 euro (Switzerland Fr. 17,390.-, Austria euro 17,790), Classic from 15,690 euro (Switzerland Fr. 17,990.-, Austria euro 18,190), Sport from 15,690 euro (Switzerland 7, Austria 18,190 Fr. euro) , Super Scout from 18,990 euro (Switzerland Fr. 18,990.-, Austria euro 21,990), 101 from 18,190 euro (Switzerland Fr. 18,990.-, Austria euro 21,990).