Industrial trucks: Robert Müller’s sawmill relies on forklifts from Hyundai – Other industrial trucks and AGVs | News | LOGISTICS TODAY

The Robert Müller sawmill, which specializes in oak trees and is headquartered in Wiesentheid/Reupelsdorf, uses several industrial trucks from South Korean supplier Hyundai to transport logs and boards.

“I like a very powerful front loader with six tires of the same size and a large ground clearance of 300 mm with 9.00-20 tires, which is important for us,” explains Burkhard Müller, manager of the sawmill.

Two forklifts from the 80D-9 series and one 80D-7E are used on site for loading trucks, feeding sawmills and drying rooms, and for loading and sorting work. According to the manufacturer, Series 9 equipment is powered by Hyundai and Cummins engines. Standard for use with wood: Three Hyundai forklifts are equipped with knives and a wide back so that the precious oak boards are not damaged.

Buyers of high quality products are carpenters, furniture industry, interior designers and flooring manufacturers. Sustainability in forest management is important to Müller and his clients:

“Through natural regeneration and reforestation, about 15 percent more trees grow than are removed from the state forest. An old tree,” says Müller, “sometimes emits CO2, while new, younger trees store CO₂ and are therefore better for climate equality.”

According to the mill owner, there is a lot to do:

“In the past 20 years, 70 percent of all wood factories have stopped – work is still big for us and we have to rely on strong machines with high availability – electricity confuses machines – but we see Hyundai products despite the increase in electricity. and networks there are no unexpected errors.”