Indycar: Alexander Rossi deserved victory at Gallagher Grand Prix IMS.  VeeKay…

Indycar: Alexander Rossi deserved victory at Gallagher Grand Prix IMS. VeeKay…

Indycar: Alexander Rossi deserved victory at Gallagher Grand Prix IMS. Sixth VeeKay

After almost 50 matches, finally after three years the victory for Alexander Rossi. Three years ago, the American took his last victory at Road America. Danish rookie Christian Lundgaard had his best result of the season with Will Power crossing the line in third after a chaotic start. Rinus VeeKay finished sixth after a great race.

It was a while but finally a well-deserved victory for Alexander Rossi.

Text: Willem J. Staat
Photo: Indycar

A well-deserved win from Alexander Rossi at the Gallagher Grand Prix IMS. Sixth VeeKay
Colton Herta was once again unlucky. The young American looked clearly headed for another win when the gearbox locked on lap 42. As a result, his teammate Alexander Rossi took the lead and did not relinquish it. Rossi deserved to win. “For me this was just a relief,” Rossi said afterwards. The difference to Lundgaard was 3.5441 seconds at the line. The young Dane took his first Indycar podium.

Will Power was involved in a few incidents at the start but crossed the line in third place. It also turned out to be a great day for VeeKay and P6 at the Speedway. In third place at the Speedway, Will Power took the lead in the championship standings from Marcus Ericsson. Josef Newgarden ranks third. It turned out to be a great race for VeeKay at the Speedway after he was forced to come back early in the race.

The Dutchman fought his way back into the Top 10 and crossed the line in sixth place. For his colleague, the game slowed down a lot. After a poorly executed pit stop, the ECR driver lost contact and was involved in several fights with Devlin De Francesco. In retrospect, Scott McLaughlin was the big winner in terms of position on the soft court. From P14, the Team Penske rider managed to finish fourth. It is possible that further development was stopped by his team. For the championship fight they preferred Will Power during the match.

2022 StrengthDespite the weak start, the game ends strongly. Will Power went to P3.

Tire selection
complex compound
Rosenqvist, Rossi, O’Ward, Power, Newgarden, Lundgaard, Palou, VeeKay, Herta, Daly, Malukas, Pagenaud, Harvey, Castroneves, Rahal, Sato, Illott, Dixon, Kellett, Ericsson.

Smooth mixture
Devlin De Francesco, Scott McLaughlin, Kyle Kirkwood, Romain Grosjean, Jimmie Johnson

Of the 25 starters, only five participants chose the Red or smooth compound. Rosenqvist started as well as Josef Newgarden with O’Ward running back for a touchdown from Will Power as VeeKay fell from number eight to sixteen in the chaos. Andretti driver Devlin De Francesco took advantage of the chaos and immediately gained seven places from fourteenth. Dalton Kellett offered the first pick in the third round. Just two laps later, Power was involved in an incident with David Malukas.

The restart followed lap five with Rossi braking a bit where Colto Herta took over and attacked Rosenqvist directly on lap seven. Herta took the lead while Rosenqvist had to give up his second place to Alexander Rossi.

2022 VeeKay
Great run by VeeKay who also ran a fast catch at the start.

Standings for round 10: Herta, Rossi, Rosenqvist, Newgarden, Daly, McLaughlin, De Francesco, Palou, Harvey. VeeKay P12.

It was also the time of the low road for many people to come to change the Red Compound. Newgarden and Daly also came in as the last pit stop went horribly wrong. The ECR rider fell back to last place. Then Herta and Rossi entered the Red Compound on the fourteenth round. Only Ericsson was still on the hard court. Grosjean’s routine stop on lap 15 also didn’t go well. Only Kellett and Kirkwood remained on the hard court.

Standings for round 20: McLaughlin, Ericsson, Johnson, Power, O’Ward, Sato, Herta, Kellett, Rossi, Lundgaard. VeeKay P14
All McLaughlin, Ericsson and Johnson went to stop repeatedly on lap 23 while Romain Grosjean once again faced problems.

Standings for round 30: Power, Herta, Rossi, Lundgaard, O’Ward, Sato, McLaughlin, Newgarden, Palou, Pagenaud, VeeKay.

It was also when O’Ward and Power came in for their forced stop. Palou clearly struggled with the grip of his tires two laps later and had to let VeeKay pass. The disqualified Ganassi rider went into the straight with VeeKay taking seventh. Only Newgarden was in the Top 10 in the Top 10 in an alternate strategy. Simon Pagenaud’s stalled engine resulted in a second change on lap 36. The restart followed on lap 40 with Herta and Rossi leading again. There was also a Penske dispute between Newgarden and McLaughlin. VeeKay took Takuma Sato’s ninth place.

Standings for round 40: Herta, Rossi, Lundgaard, Power, Johnson, McLaughlin, Newgarden, VeeKay, O’Ward, Rahal.

Just before entering the straight, Colton Herta’s gearbox hit the pole. The Andretti-Autosport driver came to a complete stop at the pit entrance. VeeKay took advantage of the Ganassi drivers’ fight and was able to easily take P6. Helio Castroneves and Kyle Kirkwood were also in trouble for a while. After the disappearance of Herta, Rossi led by more than three seconds over Christian Lundgaard. Herta’s comments: “It’s sad but keep going until we win again.”

Standings for round 50: Rossi, Lundgaard, Power, McLaughlin, Newgarden, VeeKay, Rahal, Dixon, Palou, Rosenqvist

Almost everyone in the Top 15 except Palou was in the Red Compound. There was a moment of calm in the match. Will Power entered first on lap 59. Rossi decided to continue for two more laps as did McLaughlin, Rosenqvist and the rest. In the 61st laps, many riders moved to the Red Complex.

2022 McL
Amazing comeback from Newgarden after his crash in Iowa last weekend.

Standings for the round of 65Rossi, Lundgaard, Power, McLaughlin, Newgarden, VeeKay, Rahal, Dixon, Rosenqvist, Palou

Lundgaard made a small run at Alexander Rossi in the final phase, but the distance remained almost the same. Jack Harvey in P16 was the only competitor still on the hard field. After Daly (ECR) and Devlin de Francesco (Andretti Autosport) disappeared from the Top 10 for various reasons, both struggled to the back until De Francesco shot straight into the chicane and Daly was released from his tormentor.

75th round standings
Rossi, Lundgaard, Penske train consisting of Power, McLaughlin, Newgarden, then VeeKay, Rahal, Dixon, Rosenqvist, Palou.

Dixon has once again broken into the Top 10 and is once again the driver collecting valuable championship points for the championship. At the end of the race, white smoke was seen coming from Rossi’s car. It seemed to make little sense. With two laps to go, Rossi had a lead of almost 4.3 seconds.

Gallagher Grand Prix results
1. Alexander Rossi Dallas Honda 85 laps
2. Christian Lundgaard Dallara Honda + 3.5441 seconds.
3. Is Dallara Chevrolet Power + 14.8441 secs.
4. Scott McLaughlin Dallara Chevrolet + 15.9694 secs.
5. Josef Newgarden Dallara Chevrolet + 18,4253 seconds.
6. Rinus VeeKay Dallara Chevrolet + 22.9626 secs.
7. Graham Rahal Dallara Honda + 23.2542 seconds.
8. Scott Dixon Dallara Honda + 23,6130 seconds.
9. Felix Rosenqvist Dallara Chevrolet + 24.5659 secs.
10. Alex Palou Dallara Honda + 27.6401 secs.