Infiniti comes with a completely electric car – Groen7

Infiniti comes with a completely electric car – Groen7

More EVs in the pay segment, because of that it seems to be the most attractive segment of the market at the moment.

All products want to be that way. charge. A letter is not immediately important, it means exactly what; high quality equipment, luxury showers and more? Is that measurable, are there objective criteria at its core? Not immediately. But if there is one thing that is clear, it is that it is about expensive cars.

It is obvious that the range of electric vehicles in the upper part is quite large. Car manufacturers can show what they have to offer and the range of driving becomes (more or less) in order because large battery packs are only used. One war-torn brand is Infiniti, a luxury Nissan brand. Finally there is the Leaf for the upper layer.

Within the next three years, Infiniti aims to launch a sports sedan, which uses all electronics. The car will be manufactured in China. The latter is not a coincidence, electric driving is very popular there thanks to a generous grant policy. Ev is developed as such, which means that no traditional sedan should be expected. Infiniti Qs Inspiration is a harbinger, this car will be launched at the Shanghai Motor Show.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, Infiniti focuses on electronic component operation in all markets, so more plug-ins can also be expected. All of this is not very important for the Netherlands, because unfortunately The brand disappeared from Europe† (Via:

Photo: Infiniti Q Inspiration, a slightly older concept of elegant Japanese brand

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