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Information from Poland and the world –

The 24-year-old man from Otwock fell into the hands of the Otwock highway because he was driving a BMW without a license. As the preliminary investigation showed, the man was driving under the influence of marijuana. Moreover, being dissatisfied with the control of the road, he insulted the police who intervened. The trip ended in a cell at the headquarters. His reckless behavior will find its end in court.

Police officers from Otwock in the state. Mazowiecki, at night, while patrolling the city streets, saw a BMW car that did not have a front registration plate. They immediately stopped the car for inspection.

– The car was driven by a 24-year-old resident of Otwock, who immediately showed his disrespect for the law and the police intervened. The man said that he will not put a license plate, because his BMW looks better without it and he prefers to pay a fine than a registration – young asp. Paulina Harabin, KPP spokeswoman in Otwock.

However, the control did not end there. The uniform smelled of the 24-year-old was similar to the smell of alcohol mixed with chemicals. However, a breath test showed he was sane.

– Then the angry driver started calling the officers and announced that the source of the smell was the marijuana he was smoking the day before – added the policeman.

The uniforms frequently called the man to order and reminded him to act according to the law. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, as the host of Otwock did not spare his foul language to the police who intervened.

A test conducted confirmed that the 24-year-old man was under the influence of marijuana. The officers also decided to check what else was inside the car. When they looked inside, they found a grinder with marijuana. The detained man was taken directly to the police cell.

The 24-year-old girl will soon be brought to court for possession and driving under the influence of drugs, and for insulting police officers. The man will also be held responsible for the mistakes he committed.

(photo: KPP Otwock, source KPP Otwock)