Intelligent Matrix LED Lights for Cupra Formentor, Leon and Leon Sportstourer Revealed

Intelligent Matrix LED Lights for Cupra Formentor, Leon and Leon Sportstourer Revealed

Starting in the 2023 model year, the Cupra Formentor, Leon, and Leon Sportstourer models will offer the option of modern Matrix LED lights. These advanced lights feature an arrangement of multi-line pixels that allows for precise control of light distribution, with the added benefit of automatic lighting.

When paired with the vehicle’s front-facing camera system, the LED matrix system can adjust the light distribution based on traffic and lighting conditions, temporarily dimming certain areas as needed. This eliminates the need to constantly switch between high and low beams, and can improve visibility and safety on the road.

The integration of Matrix LED lights and automatic lighting allows for the constant use of high beams while minimizing disruption to other road users. This lighting system provides a safer driving experience by providing targeted illumination of the road and surrounding objects.

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In addition, the LED matrix lights offer additional comfort features such as all-weather lights, street lights, and corner lights, along with optional functions like light coming home or leaving home. This feature not only improves visibility but also increases road safety for drivers and other vehicles.

When working from home, the Exit Home function allows you to customize the duration of the car lights after the vehicle is locked, providing illumination for your front door or other areas. The lights include front parking lights, rear lights, and rear license plate lights, illuminating nearby landscapes.

The Exit Home function operates in the background, automatically turning on the lights as soon as the central locking system is activated using a remote keyless controller. This provides added convenience and added security to your home or surrounding.

The Matrix LED lights not only offer exceptional technical quality but also add an emotional element to the Cupra driving experience. The latest generation of lamps emits a crystal-clear light that is both striking and visually appealing. They also lend a modern, sporty, and attractive look to the vehicle during the daytime. The Cupra Matrix LED lights are designed to inspire while improving the driving experience and safety.

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The option of ordering optional LED matrix lights is available for all Cupra Formentor, Cupra Leon, and Cupra Leon Sportstourer models, with the Cupra Leon becoming available later. The new headlights can be found on the Cupra Formentor VZ5 model (with mixed fuel consumption of 9.3 l/100km, CO2 emissions of 212 g/km, and a CO2 efficiency class of D). An alternative option is a full LED package, which can be purchased for an additional 750 euros.