International expansion: Chery announces European launch

International expansion: Chery announces European launch

Chery is preparing to fly to Europe. At this year’s IAA in Frankfurt, the Chinese automaker is launching a new model for export to more mature markets. “The world premiere of the new compact SUV marks the beginning of our entry into European markets,” Ray Bierzynski, head of Chery’s R&D center in Shanghai, said in a statement. The focus is on attractive design – paired with user-friendly connectivity and advanced safety features. An electric motor powers the car.

As the first drawings show, the style of the car has turned out to be quite modern. It was designed by Chery’s chief designer James Hope. The front has a standard chrome bar. It is complemented by chrome elements on the front bumper, side skirts and window frames. The wide track, big wheels and full LED headlights exude a confident look.

It is not yet known when the new model series, which includes SUVs and crossovers, will be launched in Europe. Chery announced the launch “within the next few years”. Sales opportunities in key markets and sales channels are currently being explored, it said. In addition, design and development centers are being planned in Europe.

Unlike Chinese competitors Geely (Volvo/Lynk & Co) or Great Wall, Chery wants to push foreign business to a large extent on its own. “We are currently not active in the mergers and acquisitions market,” CEO Chen Anning told Reuters last week. However, his company is always open to cooperation and would look at a suitable acquisition opportunity if necessary. The Great Wall was soon I am interested in the Fiat Chrysler brand of Jeep (we reported).

The leading industry in exports

Chery knows all about car transportation. According to the manufacturer, it sold almost 100,000 cars abroad in 2016 – with total sales of more than 700,000 units (up 28 percent). This makes you number one among Chinese car manufacturers. In addition, the company already has an international sales network and operates 14 foreign production sites, including Brazil, Iran and Venezuela. (RP)