Interview with Roman Biliński, driver of the European Regional Formula Championship of the Alpine series

Interview with Roman Biliński, driver of the European Regional Formula Championship of the Alpine series

Roman Biliński, in an interview with Motorsport Grand Prix, told about the start of the new European Regional Formula Championship and the Alpine series, about getting Polish citizenship, and about what awaits him in the restart. The Trident team driver also admitted that he has several proposals for the competition in the 2023 season.

Last year it finished seventh in British F3 and seventeenth in British F4. You were unlucky, but you also stood on the podium several times. How would you sum up last season?

Roman Biliński: “I drove in F4 and F3 after six months, so we didn’t really care about the championship. The British F4 season was okay, but my results in British F3 turned out to be very good. Considering that I had not driven this car before, I made seven podiums and three wins. It was a great season.”

The last time we spoke, you said that one of your greatest strengths is your ability to adapt quickly. Was it the same this year with the FRECA series car?

R. Biliński: “I think this year I’ve had to get used to more elements. I’m driving a different car on different tracks, where only the track changed last year. There’s a little bit more to it, which has been more difficult. When I look at the dry ride, I still think I’m one of the first to reach this high level and I am very happy.

You have recently acquired Polish citizenship and will be able to associate yourself with the Polish flag. Was it an important event for you and how do you see it?

R. Biliński: “I am very happy because it took a lot of work. Let’s hope that soon I will have a race with the Polish flag, which is very important to me.

You mentioned getting used to more features, so what’s the big difference between FRECA and British F3?

R. Biliński: “If you consider the car itself, the FRECI machine is, if I’m not mistaken, eighty kilograms heavier, which makes the balance completely different. The tires are also different, and another aspect that needs to get used to is the push to pass. The new tracks are also a challenge because apart from Spa, I haven’t driven one of those.”

Given the benefits that passive thrust can give you, how much time do you spend with your engineers figuring out when to use it?

R. Biliński: “Yes, it’s very important, especially in Spa, because there you can activate the system twice per round. With the long straights you need to think strategically to use it not only for attack but also for defense. Considering all the rounds, I think we managed it well very much.

You ride for the Trident team, which this is its first season in the European Regional Formula Championship series. How much experience have you gained after seven rounds, and will it help the following weekends?

R. Biliński: “This is a new series for me and the Trident team, so it was known that the start would not be easy. However, if we look at this season, I was on the podium once and I was in or close to the top ten, so we have improved a lot. Now we have to find more speed and we will be able to fight against better teams.”

You mentioned the results of the current season. How would you summarize your results so far?

R. Biliński: “I think we have a lot of potential, but not everything went as we expected. This is motorsport, and the current situation of the teams in Formula 1 shows that it is not easy. Finally, if we increase our potential, the last three rounds can be very good.

You stood on the podium during the Hungaroring round. Was it your best performance of all seven weekends?

R. Biliński: “To be honest, if you only consider my speed, it was a normal round. I felt better on other tracks, like Monaco, but there I made a mistake in qualifying. In Hungary, everything happened – I had a good qualification, a good start and that’s why I stood on the podium. I think I should have more weekends like this.”

Moving to the Monaco round, was it a challenge for you to drive that difficult track?

R. Biliński: “In fact, as I discovered in qualifying, when I hit the wall in the last part of the loop after the two fastest sectors. It was a difficult moment for me to draw a conclusion, although even the memory of it still hurts.

In an ever-increasing series, improving speed at the end of the week becomes more and more important. At what point in between rounds was getting used to and finding the car’s limit more difficult?

R. Biliński: “This is a difficult question because each track has a turn, or a sequence of turns, unique to that track. I cannot say that one track is more difficult than the other, they are just different, because with more than thirty drivers in the FRECA series , it’s about getting thousands of seconds. If Nikta claims more or less, the differences will still be very small.”

There are three rounds left until the end of the season at the Red Bull Ring, Barcelona-Catalunya and Mugello. What do you do most to get the best results on these songs?

R. Biliński:_ “The biggest aspect is qualifying because I know I can improve more in that. We were unlucky with them and I made mistakes too, so if everything goes well we can get very high positions. As always, we will do our best and see if it works.”_

As we know, Trident is a very successful team in Formula 2 and Formula 3. Can you share with us your plans for next year, if any?

R. Biliński: “There are proposals on the table, but I haven’t signed anything yet. Now my aim is to get the best result and we will know all the plans in the coming months.”

To summarize the circuit so far in the new category, when entering the European Formula Zone Championship series with a new team, did you expect it to be very difficult?

R. Biliński: “I always knew it would not be easy and I would have a lot of work ahead of me. There are some really good drivers and teams here. Finally, I think we have more potential than I showed in the song. Sometimes it was caused by things beyond my control, and sometimes it was my fault. I’ve learned from them and I’ll try to keep them out next season, no matter what series I run.”