Investment of $ 38 million in space research and innovation in Quebec

Investment of $ 38 million in space research and innovation in Quebec

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MONTRAL, January 25, 2023 /CNW Telbec/ – Quebec Aerospace Research and Innovation Alliance – CRIAQ announces 6 new collaborative research and development projects, for a total of 17 projects approved and funded by industry and the Quebec government to advance space technology innovation there Quebec in Quebec. direct response to market demand.

$38M invested to address challenges facing the global space ecosystem and accelerate R&D

This new 6 collaborative research and innovation partnership brings together 7 national and international private companies, as well as 5 academic research centers that combine their expertise to create bold new solutions.

Since the Quebec Government launched the Quebec Horizon 2026 Space Strategy last February, CRIAQ has established 17 research partnerships involving a total of 24 companies and 12 research centers with a total value of $38 million. Of all these investments, 15 million dollars come directly from public funds announced by MEIE in April 2022. In addition to these public funds, budget envelopes from Mitacs and Board of natural science and engineering research Canada (NSERC).

One of the key strengths of CRIAQ’s R&D investment model is the leveraged effect of public dollars by leveraging investment from the private sector. In the creation of this collaborative research partnership, the companies that are part of them must invest, which brings the total amount of investment twice, and sometimes even three times more.

In order to face the major challenges facing the entire global space system and accelerate the transition towards a new sustainable and sustainable space mobility, we must be bold and invest in research and development. It is important that Qubec consolidates its leadership position by accelerating the transformation of the entire sector through new technologies aimed at decarbonisation, future customer air mobility and its modernization in the digital age, it declares. Alain AubertinPresident and CEO of CRIAQ.

In a global context where the space industry is increasingly facing the challenges of political, economic, technological, social and environmental change, CRIAQ is strongly committed to increasing the awareness of the research and innovation community, partner industry, government and other partners. in the ecosystem, to stimulate diversity, creativity, talent development and the emergence of entrepreneurs and innovators to support the evolution of the sector.

Every day at CRIAQ, our role is to bring ideas together, stimulate them, sometimes even confront them with the goal of creating innovation. For 20 years, with the financial support of the Quebec government, we have been organizing a network between specialized scientific researchers from our universities and the industrial community to push for more science and technology solutions to strengthen the leadership of Quebec’s aerospace industry. , adds Mr. Aubertine.

See the full list of 17 new projects and partner teams in the appendix. More information is available on request.

64 new project ideaswill also be presented by aerospace companies on February 14 and 15, during the RDV 2023 Conference, the largest meeting of its kind in Canada, bringing together technology experts in space matters. These experts will present their project with the aim of creating a partnership that will be supported by CRIAQ in starting these projects and funding them. All information on this hotbed of discussion on space technology and future solutions can be found here:


The Consortium for Research and Innovation in Space in Quebec (CRIAQ) is a unique example of collaborative space research led by companies of all sizes involving universities and research centers. Its mission is to increase the competitiveness of the aerospace industry by stimulating business innovation through collaborative R&D. It also aims to foster a new generation of innovators to strengthen Quebec’s technological leadership in modern space applications: digital space, future space mobility and sustainable space.

These are more than 220 projects completed and in progress, valued at approx 300 million dollarswhich involves more than 1900 scientific researchers and academic members and 2,200 students for 20 years of CRIAQ’s existence.

Appendix Aerospace R&D Projects

Projects announced January 25, 2023

Project Summary

Project partners

private and research centers

Project title


Polytechnic Montreal

Broadband operational reflector array antenna for satellite applications


RW Aerogroup
Concordia University

The water attack aircraft is tracking an intelligent vision guidance system


Hutchison Sky
Center for Aerospace Technology – CTA

High-speed mixing in the press


Polytechnic Montreal

advanced load balancing for satellite networks


Polytechnic Montreal

Simulation of navigation without permanent security


ENSCO (.-U.)
McGill University

Search operations in areas not supported by reservation systems

Projects announced on September 11, 2022


Bell Textron
Calorie Solutions
University of Quebec Trois-Rivieres

Electric hydrogen architecture for tomorrow’s space travel


Laflamme Aero
CMC electricity
CS Canada

Autonomous aerial delivery system with drones


Thales Digital Solutions
University of Laval

The autonomous design of the new air mobility of the future


Cert Center Canada
Chrono Aviation
CTA – Center for Aerospace Technology

Icing expertise, research, testing and certification

Projects announced on September 11, 2022 – Follow

Project Summary

Project partners

private and research centers

Project title


Hutchinson Sky
CTT Group – Joint Technology Transfer Center of Cgep de Saint-Hyacinthe

Development of controlled unfolding fabrics to promote functional integration in aerospace structures


Cert Center Canada
NRC National Research Council of Canada

Development of Digital Twins for two aircraft systems


Hutchinson Sky
CTA – Center for Aerospace Technology

Incorporation of internal parts of birds into biosourced composite materials


Pratt & Whitney
Concordia University
Polytechnic Montreal

Advanced compressor technology development


Tyto robots
Mejzlik (Czech Republic)
University of Quebec at Outaouais

Research and development of propulsion system, including reliable propeller, thrust support and AI model to analyze performance data, for heavy drones or small UAM.


Maya HTT
Satellite (Argentina)
Rolls-Royce Plc (UK)
McGill University

Development of a thermal correlation tool for space


Maya HTT
Airbus Germany
CTA – Center for Aerospace Technology
IRT Saint-Exupry Canada

Preparation and collection of cooperation to develop a management tool for the factory meeting environment and satellite cooperation room.

SOURCE Consortium for Research and Innovation in Space in Quebec (CRIAQ)

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