Iowa Co. officials discover rollover crash, but no driver

Iowa Co. officials discover rollover crash, but no driver

Iowa County officials encountered a peculiar scene that left them stumped on Thursday when they responded to a rollover crash – there was no driver.

The incident, which occurred near the town of Lisbon, perplexed the responding officers when they arrived at the scene of a vehicle that had overturned on its side. Despite the severe damage to the car, there was no sign of the driver.

The circumstances surrounding the crash have been deemed to be ‘mysterious,’ as the officers were unable to ascertain how the vehicle was left in such a state without a driver.

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office released a statement addressing the incident, noting that it is still unclear if the driver fled the scene or was ejected from the vehicle prior to the crash.

In addition, the statement clarifies that the lack of any witnesses or surveillance footage makes it difficult to make any definitive conclusions as to what transpired.

The Sheriff’s Office is currently reaching out to the public, imploring anyone with information related to the incident to come forward with any details that could aid their investigation.

At this time, the crash remains a mystery to the officials, and they are hopeful that the public can provide some insight into the perplexing scene.