iPhone 12 mini is announced from Poland today only!

iPhone 12 mini is announced from Poland today only!

Apple iPhone 12 mini has been promoted in Polish distribution today! Today we will pay very little for a smartphone with an OLED screen, a powerful heart and support for updates for many years.

Although new Apple smartphones have just been released, buying their predecessors can still be a good option – especially if they are available on promotion.

This is what happened with the model iPhone 12 mini, which we will buy today in the Polish promotion of the RTV Euro AGD shop “Hity of the Day”. Today we will pay attention to devices in the 64 GB variant with a blue shade 2749 zlotys.

We will use the offer and discount code HD120922which will be automatically charged to the vehicle. It is for now good price for this equipment in Poland:

iPhone 12 mini in Polish sales / Dane Ceneo

Apple iPhone 12 mini – for whom?

iPhone 12 mini will be especially attractive to lovers of complex solutions. his younger brother, 5.4 inch OLED screen it will allow you to display high quality images. The entire design measures 131.5 × 64.2 × 7.4 mm and weighs only 133 grams.

The small size does not prevent the smartphone from giving us a solid part of the power. His heart is a good system Apple A14 BionicAnd to top it all off, the manufacturer provides us with long-term update support. A camera with optical image stabilization is also worth considering.

apple iphone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini / photo by Apple

In the case of the iPhone 12 mini, however, it is worth paying attention to its battery – it is a model with a low-capacity battery. 2227 mAh. For this reason, recharging the smartphone during the day can be sometimes (or maybe even often?) Important – it is worth remembering when choosing a small iPhone 12 mini.

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