IPO 2023: A huge list of potential IPOs from Lamborghini to Discord

IPO 2023: A huge list of potential IPOs from Lamborghini to Discord

Why luxury carmakers Lamborghini and Bentley are likely to follow Porsche’s big IPO in the new year and why the changes will boost the IPO market. Prospects for IPOs in 2023. By Klaus Schinger

It is an exhibition in the upper segment of luxury sports cars, which should also attract investors. Lamborghini recently outperformed Ferrari with a return of nearly 30 percent. The high profitability of the sports car icon from Maranello, Italy, has been measured in the luxury segment so far, as has its stock market success: The stock market value of Ferrari has quadrupled since it started in 2015. A luxury car and parts are in demand.

Guided by VW-Boss Oliver Blume is now also making plans for an IPO in the coming year in the Automobili Lamborghini subsidiary, founded in 1963 in Sant’Agata Bolognese in the province of Bologna: “The IPO is important to show the public how strong we are and how much we believe in the future,” says Stephan Winkelmann, head of rival Ferrari.

The nine-month balance sheet provided a good template for stock market planning. Lamborghini turned over 1.93 billion euros and 7430 vehicles, 30 percent better than the previous year. 4834 Urus SUVs were handed over to their owners, two thirds of the shipment. SUVs are very profitable. Their share of delivery probably contributed significantly to the fact that operating profit (EBITA) increased significantly more than revenue, namely by 68 percent to 570 million euros. At 29.6 percent, the amount was greater than that of the previous leader Ferrari.

These companies may go public in 2023

IPO 2023

IPO 2023

Porsche was just the beginning

Sports cars and cars in the luxury segment remain in demand. Although inflation, high energy costs and fears of an economic downturn are on the minds of many, this does nothing to diminish the well-heeled customer’s desire to purchase luxury goods with dignity. Lamborghini’s Aventador with a V12 combustion engine has been on sale since November. With limited models of the Countach at 2.25 million euros each and the Urus, Lamborghini should achieve an operating margin of 28.5 percent this year.

In Ferrari, 24.9 percent are expected. The successor of the Aventador series will be presented in the first months of the new year. The electric combination is to replace the famous twelve cylinder, but the legendary sound of the engine will remain. Lambo fans should be especially interested in how this works. Electromobility should be valuable to the sports car icon.

Bloomberg analysts believe Lamborghini from 2025 more than 38 percent of the operating rate. The group’s value is estimated at ten to 15 billion euros. Ferrari is 36.7 billion euros, Porsche 85.9 billion euros. Shares of DAX– The planter Porsche they have gained almost 14 percent since it started in September.

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Bentley and Maserati options

Buoyed by Porsche’s stock market success, Volkswagen should also put Bentley on the floor in 2023. The luxury car brand’s operating return of 23.1 percent between January and September is the second largest in the group after Lamborghini. The British carmaker is worth 17 billion euros. VW’s competitor Stellantis, with Peugeot and FiatChrysler under its roof, is also considering an IPO – that of Maserati. The luxury car brand could one day “stand on its own,” said Stellantis chief financial officer Richard Palmer.

Aston Martin shows that luxury cars are not guaranteed success on the parquet floor. The British sports car maker favored by James Bond has lost more than 95 percent of its market value since its IPO in 2018. Porsche, on the other hand, was one of the few bright spots in the weak IPO year 2022. Global volume of The stock market since January is $ 160.2 billion. In the record year 2021 it was 604 billion. In the United States, the amount decreased by 93 percent compared to the previous year, in Europe by almost 83 percent. Many candidates, including the hydrogen subsidiary of Thyssenkrupp, Nucera, have postponed their IPO.

The year of the IPO was painful for the bank, but it still offered investors an attractive investment. Readers of Sunday’s Euro IPO radar know that The table on page 30 shows suitable investments. Whether the new IPO year will be better because of the comparison with the very weak 2022 is not known. The environment remains difficult. “We assume that the IPO market will not recover until the second half of the year,” said Henrik Johnsson, co-head of Deutsche Bank’s global capital markets business.

In the current environment, on the other hand, debuts from business areas that are separated from groups of companies to be listed as spin-offs should remain in demand. Unlike a typical IPO, the parent company does not receive any financial resources. A promotional tour with potential artists has also been ruled out. Second tranche shares are held in the custody accounts of the previous shareholders. So market sentiment affects initial listing under IPO.

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IPOs 2023: a wave of expected changes

Preparations for new offerings are heating up at many US heavyweights, including industrial giants General Electric (GE), Danaher and 3M, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and breakfast cereal company Kellogg. . Investors should consider these companies. Income from foreign companies is treated and taxed as special dividends in Germany. Entry is therefore only appropriate after the stock market starts.

Shares of General Electric Healthcare will be traded for the first time on January 4th. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) maker and competitor Siemens Healthcare generated nearly a quarter of GE’s total sales in 2021 with $18 billion. Industrial automation, the keyword Industry 4.0. This division currently generates more than 40 percent of total sales. The new General Electric then is a manufacturer of aircraft engines with a maintenance division.

In Switzerland, pharmaceutical giant Novartis plans to spin off Sandoz. The genetics division delivered almost a fifth of the equivalent of around 49 billion euros in sales for 2021. The market value of Sandoz is estimated at 39 billion euros. €uro am Sonntag will report on the development of changes and regular IPOs in the weekly radar of the IPO.

The debut of U.S. delivery and pickup service Instacart and British chip developer ARM Holdings should also be in demand. ARM technology is the global standard for energy efficiency in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and, in the future, probably also in all digitally connected devices.

In Germany, Ralph Dommermuth, the founder and head of telecommunications company and Internet service provider United Internet (UI), is conducting the IPO of its web hosting subsidiary Ionos. In a more favorable environment, Thyssenkrupp Nucera, the manufacturer of large plants for the production of green hydrogen, could also venture on the floor. In the fiscal year to the end of September, the Dortmund company increased sales by five million euros to 383. The electrolysis market, which is very attractive to Nucera, is expected to increase to 40 billion euros in ten years.

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