Ireland 2025 – nothing happens without moss / WRC

Ireland 2025 – nothing happens without moss / WRC

Ireland has withdrawn its bid for the 2025 World Rally Championship (WRC). After fighting for a return to the WRC for more than a year, Ireland’s hopes are now dashed.

“Motorsport Ireland” announced in a press release that the Irish government cannot support this plan.

“It is with great regret that Motorsport Ireland can confirm that Ireland can no longer be considered to host the 2025 FIA World Championship. On Monday 15th April, Motorsport Ireland finally received confirmation from Minister Byrne, Minister of State for Sport and Health, that His department would need ‘at least six months’ to conduct more independent economic assessments and analysis of our proposal.”

After Ireland was given an extra fifteen days’ notice by the WRC promoter to submit its budget, the Irish government’s wait-and-see attitude appears to be grim.

“To date, Motorsport Ireland has not received any queries or comments regarding the documents we submitted, although several contacts have been made to the Department to ask if additional information is required. “It is very disappointing to learn on the final day of our extension that Minister Byrne’s department will now need six more months to conduct a more independent assessment and analysis.”

Aiden Haper, chairman of Motorsport Ireland, said: “I am saddened that it has come to this but unfortunately we have no choice. We have always maintained that the FIA ​​World Championship can only come to Ireland with financial support from the Government, understanding that it can There should be no money for this. It’s a shame to let another waiting country miss out on this great opportunity and the economic benefits it would bring.”

Haper continued: “In January this year, Motorsport Ireland announced the three regions of Kerry, Limerick and the South East would host the event as long as funding was available. The exclusion in 2025 has nothing to do with these considerations. The work they have done is fantastic and I thank them for that. I would like to thank WRC Promoter GmbH, especially Simon Larkin, for all his support in this process and I hope that we can use this great opportunity again in the future.”