Is a golf boom possible?  Children’s colleges, Meronek support and the power of donors

Is a golf boom possible? Children’s colleges, Meronek support and the power of donors

There are no golf conditions in Poland, like in the country of the small neighbor to the south. While we count the number of golf courses on the Vistula River in tens, the Czechs count in hundreds. Not surprisingly the Czechs also have five times more players. We have nothing to try to compare with Scandinavia, Iceland, the British Isles or Germany, there are few or even ten or more percent of the society play golf. In Poland, this number is close to one tenth of a percent. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t fight golf.

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Arkadiusz Milik a golf fan? He hit!

Raising the future Meronki

– In my opinion, golf is a very addictive sport and makes you want to be more successful every day – says Adrian Meronk, the best Polish golfer. Meronk has been playing on the European Tour circuit, Europe’s most important golf tournament, for two years. In golf Germany his father was playing, and he was interested in the game already in Poland. At the beginning of the 21st century, he was an exceptional case, and his relatives showed too much strength to play at all.

– Of course, golf needs the help of other people – my parents helped me a lot, for which I will always be grateful. However, to train in this sport, you have to take the first step and just try – he explains.

Sorry for the Formula 1 golf platform! Big success and big money

Now Meronk attracts others with his discipline, not alone, but with the entities that support him both in his profession and in promoting golf. One of them is Land Rover, which has been supporting Pole for two years. At the same time, he has also become a partner of PGA Polska, an association that promotes golf and has the best instructors in its ranks. The result of this collaboration is also the creation of Land Rover Junior Golf A college, or a school that, thanks to professionals, teaches young people not only sports. Golf is a game that also needs to create character and a high level of competition, because it is closely related to moral principles. Classes have been prepared for children aged 7 to 15 in several Polish cities (including Warsaw, Szczecin, Wroc³aw).

– It is a very far-sighted and valuable investment that can bring many benefits to Polish golf – he says Jaroslav Sroka, President of PGA Polska. Of course, it is worth expanding and strengthening. Especially that Polish golf, like any other profession, has a man who is often seen by fans. A man who can win the DP World Tour and start making millions in golf. It is the result of hard work and focus on developing your passion.

– We have to show people what this game is. You can also play it as an amateur, for fun, with the whole family. After all, this is how the golf careers of many sportsmen’s children began. Parents looked for sports after their work. An activity like this for the rest of your life, because that’s what golf is all about. My father, a former volleyball player, got into the game this way. He pulled me, immediately mother pulled me. In fact, many people have discovered golf during the coronavirus, looking for a new activity idea for them – said Meronk in an interview with

Lysias Tournament Cleaning. Amateurs can learn from professionals

Our best golfer is trying to appear as a guest at the Golf Academy and tournament in Poland. Last year he was in the final of the PGA Polska Tour tournament in Lisia Polana. As expected, he won, although it was a surprise that behind his back was a 14-year-old amateur from Lithuania. The PGA Polska Tour is a tournament where professionals and retirees play, and everyone, including participants from abroad, can watch the champion.

Adrian Meronk is the first Polish golfer to win the European TourFeel like Imitating Christmas! The first pole is close to such a great success!

This year, the tournament will again conclude with the Lisia Polana event. On September 16, professionals and amateurs will unite. In two consecutive days of the weekend, we will have the main competition of the common character of sports, where amateurs and professionals will compete in different categories. The prize pool for professionals is PLN 30,000, of which the winner will receive PLN 5,500. zlotys. Amateurs, for whom a separate classification will be made, will be able to count material prizes and a trip to foreign competitions. A younger and better woman will also be appreciated.