Is it coded for the name of the concept of a sports car Nissan 20-23?  |  Business

Is it coded for the name of the concept of a sports car Nissan 20-23? | Business

Nissan Concept 20-23 – Nissan’s sports concept model was unveiled in London with a bang. Because Nissan has been silent for a long time. Well, at least since the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. (presented the IMQ concept there, later changed to Qashqai and Ariya SUVs).

However, the company also chose a special event for the presentation of an interesting electric concept, Nissan Design Europe (NDE) to celebrate its 20th anniversary in London.

Yes, Nissan has deep roots in the UK. In London’s Paddington district, next to the picturesque canal, the previously mentioned NDE design center is located, where car concepts are created, from design to new body colors. And 100 kilometers away in the Cranfield Technology Park, there is a technical center where cars are tested under extreme conditions. A large factory which also produces batteries for electric cars is located in Sunderland.

A new concept of electricity 20-23

Conceptual presentation sends two messages. Aesthetics (about new car design) and ecology. It is not for nothing that the new electric car was transported by boat on the Grand Union Canal.

The Nissan 20-23 concept was created by a team of young talents. In it, you can see the futuristic elements of the Nissan Micra and even the iconic, very limited version of the Nissan Figaro.

The interview 15 minutes Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s vice president of design, explained the concept as follows:

“The young team at NDE was given a simple brief: build an attractive electric city car that you’d love. One that you’d want to drive every day in London. The 20-23 concept they created is a small hatchback that you can get a few sporty racing accents. So , this concept combines the traditions of small city hatchbacks, the habits of modern city life, the fields of online games and zero emissions, electronic mobility.”

The car looks very playful, but at the same time scary. Considering that Nissan is involved in the “System E”, the decision of the producers to “show the electric muscle” should not be surprising.

Although the Concept 20-23 is just an exterior model (it’s not possible to sit inside yet), the design team has already created an interior that reflects the sporty exterior. Let’s say the doors, as it should be the door of the two games, go up. The car also has safety hoops, so it seems that the manufacturer is preparing a lot for the shelves of electric cars.

More photos in the recorded report.

VIDEO: Electric sports car concept “Nissan Concept 20-23”