Is it fired?  That ’90s Show Fails to Crack Top 10 on Netflix

Is it fired? That ’90s Show Fails to Crack Top 10 on Netflix

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01/25/2023 11:05 am

series That ’90s showemergence of That ’70s Show, there was no great success in Netflixoutside the streaming top 10.

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The platform revealed the weekly world chart, and the first version of the derivative reached fifth place, with 41.08 million hours.

The numbers aren’t exactly bad, although they’re also not as good as Netflix had hoped (via We’ve got this covered)

In Brazil, the series is not among the 10 most watched of the week, losing out to several other releases that premiered recently.

The Netflix Top 10 is made up of, in that order, Chiquititas, Legend of Shahmaran, Guerreiras, Alquimia das Almas, Ginny e Georgia, Wandinha, The Flash, Vikings: Valhalla, Carousel and A Rainha do Trfico.

That ’90s show is available on Netflix

More on That ’90s Show on Netflix

In the cast, Callie Haverda plays Leia Forman, daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti, and may be named Leia Organa. J Mace Coronel plays Jay Kelso, the son of Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) and Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis).

Ashley Aufderheide plays Gwen, a loyal but rebellious ‘Riot grrrl’ who is described as a ‘small but powerful force’. Reyn Doi plays Ozzie, Gwen’s best friend and openly gay, described as ‘very loyal’.

Maxwell Acee Donovan plays Nate, Gwen’s older brother who is described as a ‘grain-fed Midwesterner’ and drives a Dodge minivan.

Samantha Morelos plays Nikki, Nate’s girlfriend who comes from a very successful family. He is described as intelligent and dedicated, but has a rebellious streak.
Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp portray Red and Kitty Forman, Leia’s grandparents and the only returning main cast members from That ’70s Show.

The original stars also return to their roles, with the exception of Danny Masterson, who was accused of rape.

That ’90s show is now available Netflix.

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