Is Smart Home worth saving energy and reducing electricity bills?  What equipment should be purchased for this purpose?  – PC world

Is Smart Home worth saving energy and reducing electricity bills? What equipment should be purchased for this purpose? – PC world

The concept of Smart Home is also penetrating Polish homes – we are becoming more and more supporters of modern services. Can device control contribute to energy savings, and as a result – lower bills? You will learn this and many other tips from our material.

Smart Home – what exactly is it?

To answer the title question, you need to dive a little into the story and the idea. The future vision of the rooms swirled in the minds of many professionals already in the 1980s. It is worth referring video material “This Old House” aired in 1989 – he appeared in the main role Steve Thomas. Words Smart Home used for the first time, incl. and Microsoft back in the 90’s. Over the decades, the situation has changed a lot, although many visions and plans go far beyond what was imagined years ago. A good example is the video material created by the above-mentioned company in 1999.

We can search for many synonyms modern house – the use of innovative technology goes hand in hand with each of them. For now Smart Home It is basically the possibility of greater control, management of equipment operation, as well as convenience. It is impossible to hide the satisfaction at the finish one button on the app we can change the operating mode of the equipment at the other end of the floor. In the case of a higher type of equipment or the desire to control more equipment, the application is necessary additional gate. It’s kind of base allowing simultaneous connection, data collection (also from sensors) and management at the user level. It does better than Wi-Fi – the operation of the control unit does not depend on the availability of the Internet. The question, however, is whether keeping an apartment with a large section of various Smart Home devices is really possible affect savings? Yes and no…

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Smart Home, and save energy and lower bills

To look Smart Home in terms of usability, it is the best possible way to reduce energy consumption. Under several conditions…

If you are among the forgetful, those who leave among others. lamp or charger in the socket – this solution will not cure you from sclerosis, but it can announce savings. Even if you suspect devices in the program, turn them off and on next with one click. The situation is similar to that of forgotten lights, which is suitable for lighting in offices, rooms and kitchens for long periods of absence of household members. We also have good news for hosts who happened to panic and forgot to stop windows or doors. Most modern devices will do it for you – even if you remember to check the software outside the house. If we decide on sensors that adjust the operation of equipment (including lights) on the basis of existing conditions or traffic, we reduce the possibility of losing electricity while away. The situation is also true advanced equipment such as air conditioning and heating. Reaching a certain temperature will allow it to automatically turn off or reduce power consumption. Far from special drivers, there are many other types of features worth checking out. Let’s put it in full – you’ll find it below the most profitable solutions and models of equipment, which you can use.

  • Power control of equipment – sockets and power strips
  • Central heating, ventilation and climate control in the house – thermostatic heads, radio thermostats, temperature and humidity sensors, weather stations
  • Lighting control – bulbs, lamps, LED strips, motion / twilight sensors, controllers, wall switches, bridges
  • Security – window / gate opening sensors, unwanted gas detection sensors, alarm systems, real-time video surveillance, alarms and intercoms, gate drives

Depending on what you decide – the operating system and connection may be slightly different. However, each of the above examples does smartphone control (and Android or iOS). As we said before, the control unit will be important for many devices.

These and many other examples make us even more optimistic about joining Smart Home and energy efficiency. This can be confirmed by many surveys of business companies, including, as well as, by Sense. As the analysis shows, a combination of many modern solutions can contribute 8% annual savings. However, everything depends on the family members and the equipment we choose.

Is Smart Home worth saving energy and reducing electricity bills?  What equipment should be purchased for this purpose?

Source: Unsplash / Thomas Kolnowski

Save with Smart Home – recommended devices and systems

Netatmo Valves Thermostat

Netatmo Valves Thermostat

  • Energy savings up to 37%
  • Remote control panel
  • Individual heating schedule for each room
  • Open windows recognition
  • Mind control
  • Control: Apple HomeKit, Messenger, Google Assistant, Alexa

With us L3

With us L3

  • Working voltage: 12V / 1A
  • Valve type: Handle valve
  • Degree of protection against moisture: IP66
  • Communication level: WiFi
  • Wireless network type: 2.4GHz
  • Smart phone control Nous: Smart Home App
  • Compatible with voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Philips Hue Bridge + 2x E27 9W RGBW

Philips Hue Bridge + 2x E27 9W RGBW

  • Topic: E27
  • Light color: RGBW
  • Light intensity: 806 lumens
  • Power: 9 W
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, ZigBee
  • Control: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
  • Minimum temperature of light: 2,000 K
  • Maximum light temperature: 6500K
  • The equivalent power of a standard incandescent lamp: 75 W
  • Service life: 25,000 hours
  • Energy level: F.

TP-LINK Tapo P100

TP-LINK Tapo P100

  • Operating frequency: 2.4 Ghz
  • Control via: tablet, smartphone, laptop
  • Load power: 2300 W
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Functions: remote management, schedule, volume control

NOUS Smart Home A5 strip (1.52 m) Wi-Fi

NOUS Smart Home A5 strip (1.52 m) Wi-Fi

  • Height [m]: 1.52
  • Number of sockets [szt]: 3
  • Switch: Yes
  • Filter: Anti-overvoltage
  • Possibility to monitor energy consumption
  • Software or voice control

Smart Home – is it worth it?

We will not hide that it is a beautiful house high cost. However, such solutions are becoming more and more affordable over time. A completely basic set and control unit should not exceed the budget of several hundred zlotys. Of course, there are many in the market advanced solutions, which, although it works, remains an expensive invention. If you are thinking of introducing Smart Home, and you don’t want to spend too much on it – it’s worth using cheaper alternatives. It is Lidl’s wide offer, and even Action.

Regardless of what type of equipment or equipment you choose, keep that in mind utility costs it will be different in almost every home. To calculate the possible difference, it is important to prepare before buying detailed math analysis, and then compare it with the next payment (after installing Smart Home). However, not only the amount of the bill should be considered, but Energy consumption. It is worth remembering that the expenditure is one-time, and the savings measured every year can increase your household budget significantly. A good solution is to start the journey with Smart Home and the types of devices that, in our opinion – produce more energy.