Is this the end of Daniel Ricciardo in F1?  McLaren is exploring various options

Is this the end of Daniel Ricciardo in F1? McLaren is exploring various options

As the weeks go by, Daniel Ricciardo still can’t make progress in his driving. McLaren is slowly realizing that it will be difficult for the 33-year-old to return to the top. That is why the Woking team are exploring various transfer options.

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In theory, Daniel Ricciardo has a contract with McLaren for the 2023 season, but his stay in Formula 1 is not a foregone conclusion. Zak Brown himself said a few weeks ago that there are options in the Australian’s contract that allow for an early termination of the partnership. Perhaps the words of the head of the company from Woking were to encourage the 33-year-old to drive well, but so far no success has been recorded for Ricciardo.

In the current context, McLaren is exploring various transfer options. On Monday, the team began a two-day test of Colton Herta. According to the BBC, The British want to evaluate the American driver who can go to F1 in 2024after working with Ricciardo.

However, in Woking they are also considering the situation according to which a replacement for the Australian will be needed next year. There are three names on McLaren’s transfer shortlist – Alexander Albon, Sebastian Vettel and Oscar Piastri.

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Albon is currently racing Williams on loan from Red Bull Racing. Taj is doing well enough that the team from Grove sees him in their lineup in 2023. However, McLaren can offer Albon a more competitive car and a better salary, which is not small in F1.

The possible transfer of Albon to McLaren should not be prevented by Red Bull, because the “red bulls” have no place for the Thai driver anyway, after the contracts of Max Verstappen (2028) and Sergio Perez (2024) have been extended.

Piastri, who is currently Alpine’s reserve driver, has also been linked with Williams in recent months. The young Australian was even close to starting a document involving him with the British team. However, this has not yet been made clear.

There is no shortage of speculation in the paddock as to why Piastri’s transfer to Williams has yet to be announced. Perhaps the reason for the delay in this plan is that the driver and his manager Mark Webber are considering replacing Ricciardo at McLaren? More races are behind us, and Daniel’s results have not gone up, said Ted Kravitz, a reporter for Sky Sports.

If Ricciardo lost his seat at McLaren, he would most likely leave F1. Considering the Australian’s age and the situation in the transfer market, it will be difficult for him to find a new employer in this environment. The solution could be to stay at McLaren, but in different racing series. Brits race in American IndyCar, and will soon appear in Formula E.

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