Is Volkswagen selling Porsche?  – Trends Newspapers

Is Volkswagen selling Porsche? – Trends Newspapers

Porsche AG shares went public in September this year. This was a decision made by the management board and the management board of the VW group, which sells 25 percent of its shares in the public offering. shares. Does this mean that the car giant wants to get rid of the sports brand?

Nothing like this will happen. Instead, VW wants to make a good deal about it. By putting Porsche on the stock market, the Volkswagen Group plans to raise more than EUR 9 billion in a public offering. Volkswagen AG will keep a majority stake in Porsche, and part of it will go directly to Porsche SE (a separate company owned by the VW group). So the power system in the company will be maintained. It is worth adding that the descendants of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche still sit on the board.

Only 12.5 percent is available in the public offering. of all shares, one fifth of which was bought immediately by investors from the investment fund owned by the government of Qatar. Only the so-called preferred shares (without the right to vote at the general meeting).

Part of the money from the profit, the German company will invest in the development of electric car production. Some of them are going directly to Volkswagen shareholders in the form of special dividends.