Isn’t Ferrari the only one who decides to stay with Haas?

Isn’t Ferrari the only one who decides to stay with Haas?

( – Mick Schumacher’s future, at least that was a widespread idea so far, is in Ferrari’s hands. The 23-year-old is a Ferrari teenager, and Ferrari in turn has the right to own one of Haas’ two pilot rooms in Form 1. But that is clearly not the case, as team boss Günther Steiner has now revealed.

Mick Schumacher will probably also drive the Haas System 1 in 2023


“I will not talk to us about any Ferrari contracts. And also not about the deals between Ferrari and Mick, because I do not know them in detail either,” Steiner says in an interview with ‘’. the week will be released in full after the Austrian Grand Prix.

Steiner reveals that the notion that it is 100 percent in the hands of a Ferrari that the driver will sit in the cockpit next to Kevin Magnussen in 2023 is “probably not clear” as journalists always say.

He says: “Let no one conclude that Ferrari tells us what we should do. We have a say in that.”

Schumacher’s position within the Ferrari squad also looks good. It is unlikely that the Italians will bring Antonio Giovinazzi back to Form 1. Callum Ilott has decided – at least for now – to look for a job in North America.

That leaves Robert Schwarzman, the second winner of 2021 in Form 2 behind Oscar Piastri. Schwarzmann will be the driver of the Ferrari pilot in Model 1 in 2022. However, it is unthinkable that the native Russian would now be included in the US race team, even if he has competed under the Israeli flag since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

That’s why Schumacher’s chances for 2023 are good

This means that there are currently no real alternatives within the Ferrari squad – and it is hardly anyone in the industry circles can imagine that Haas will not use a young Ferrari boy, even though Steiner insists it is not just Ferrari’s decision who will sit in the room of the second pilots.

Hardenacke vs. Steiner: May I ask that?

Haas team boss Günther Steiner got the impression in an interview with Peter Hardenacke. We spoke to a Sky reporter. More Form 1 videos

At the moment, the goal of the games is the next update that will be launched at the Hungarian Grand Prix and improve position in the World Championships. Haas is currently in eighth place in the Builders with 20 points, two points ahead of Aston Martin and seven points behind AlphaTauri.

One would think that finishing in the eighth place would be a success against a powerful opponent like Aston Martin. But Steiner makes it clear: “I want more!” When asked if he could mention that, he replies: “Seven would be real to me. We should be seventh if we didn’t have five races, where there was always something that shouldn’t be.”

All interviews with Günther Steiner, who also explains why he is currently not conducting any interviews with the German pay-TV channel Sky, will be announced at the gateway of Motorsport Germany (, and published .