“It plays a lot, it will be a starter”;  A last-minute heat ‘leak’ by Kia Joorabchian could bring an ace to Corinthians

“It plays a lot, it will be a starter”; A last-minute heat ‘leak’ by Kia Joorabchian could bring an ace to Corinthians


The hope is that a good relationship with the businessman will help in the negotiations, which should take place by April in Timão.

(Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images) – Kia is one of the Corinthians’ hopes.

This current season started with several changes in almost all Brazilian football teams, as several signings were made, including the regular ones, but also without forgetting the big ones. It remains clear that with the help of SAF’s, which became a “fashion” in the country, investment increased significantly.

At the same time a lot of money is being poured in, top players began to see Brazil as an attractive possibilityeither playing for a season on loan, or even signing a bigger bond, as their career is coming to an end and the chance to shine by playing in high-level tournaments is a “plus” to convince them.

In the case of Corinthiansfor example, the search continues without stopping for an attacking midfielder, who can play beside or in place of Renato Augusto, when he is absent due to injury, suspension, call-up or even in a situation where the number 8 shirt is reserved, especially due to the fact that he is already 34 years old and his physical form does not allow him to be in all the matches.

Along these lines, Timão recently opened negotiations to confirm the loan of Matheus Pereira. However, even with the Brazilian will being a good step in the pursuit of justice, Al-Hilal only offered a 4-month contract, something that was rejected by the Corinthians preparatory board, as they would have liked it to be until December.

As a result, Another ace who is playing a lot and would be in the first team is Corinthians’ number 1 again and could arrive until April: Philippe Coutinho. One of Alvinegra’s hopes lies within Kia Joorabchianthe manager of the attacking midfielder, who has a strong relationship with the São Paulo team and can help in this negotiation with Aston Villa, from England, wanting to convince them to facilitate the release of the loan.