It was the slowest Ferrari in the world: embarrassingly fast, you could even overtake it with a Fiat Topolino.

It was the slowest Ferrari in the world: embarrassingly fast, you could even overtake it with a Fiat Topolino.

It doesn’t matter that the car that boasts the Ferrari brand is also an unparalleled racing car. This was not as exciting as it seemed.

There is no saying as good as “looks can be deceiving” for a car which we will talk about today, Ferrari, therefore on paper one of the most exciting cars on the face of the planet which, however, does not live up to the promises made. In fact, this racing car doesn’t seem to have fully embodied the spirit of the brand. However, the winning auction seems to have gone well for the seller, but we’ll get to that!

A Ferrari that goes twenty miles an hour! –

In the history of the legendary Ferrari brand there is they were really incompetent cars to match other Maranello models that are certainly famous for their incredible speed. Among these, for example, the very heavy Ferrari Mondial 8 comes to mind, a car that at least in the first versions took a good nine seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100, making it slower than some modern hot hatches.

The model we are talking about today, however, is really strong case, consider that it goes slower than a scooter with a 50 cc engine in comparison. And how is it then possible to have the Ferrari brand logo on its bonnet? You will be surprised to learn that despite being slow as a car, this car played a fundamental role in the birth of the real racing car.

Ferrari, when speed is not needed

The vehicle in question was sold on the site Bring the Trailer a short time ago and was sold for its weight in gold. The reason for this project is known come Ferrari F12 tdf it has a top speed of only 24 kilometers per hour, a real madness that is more reminiscent of an electric scooter than a supercar from Modena, it is really simple. The car was designed to completely test the prototype produced in series.

A car is what in jargon is called a mule, which is used perform aerodynamic tests of a type not well defined by brand management. The main thing is that on paper, the car is equipped with a proven 780 horsepower V12, which seems to have been cleverly placed by the brand’s engineers so as not to exceed the top speed worthy of a snail. No one knows if, with a good repair in the workshop, the car can show its true power again.

Ferrari slow stick boredom example
Ferrari F12 TDF is not as fast as it seems (Bring Trailer) –

In fact, the classic Ferrari F12 it can easily exceed 330 km/h. It is not this example which, however, as often happens in such cases, has become a kind of small ritual, leading the participants to kill themselves offering after offering to take it home. the price at which he left? A cool 475,000 euros, more than double the price of a regular F12!