It will be shown for the first time tomorrow at 8 p.m.

It will be shown for the first time tomorrow at 8 p.m.

At 8pm we welcome you tomorrow evening to the first episode of PROMOBRICKS LEGO News Talk on ours. Youtube channel. And there’s a lot to talk about in the first show. On the one hand, the new LEGO Star Wars summer features are on the agenda, but we also want to talk to you about the official images of 21058 Cheops Pyramid and 10302 Optimus Prime. We also have an amazing article that will be published online tomorrow. So you might be interested!

LEGO Technic Talk becomes LEGO News Talk

You may be wondering what PROMOBRICKS LEGO News Talk is all about. Since June 2021, a total of 14 versions of our original live streaming format, PROMOBRICKS LEGO Technic Talk, hosted by Luca and me, have all gone online on our YouTube channel Friday evening. Over the past few weeks, however, the idea has matured in our team that we want to change something about our direct format.

Our new concept is that we want to remove severe topic constraints for LEGO Techniques only. Instead, we want to deal with important and exciting LEGO news of the week in the future, as we have often done in Tactical Discussions. Sometimes there is news that you would like to talk about – News Conversation will now be our forum for that.

Of course you are still invited to participate in the discussion in live chat. We have also decided to invite many interesting guests, from the PROMOBRICKS editorial team and from outside. For example, in our first episode Max will visit us, who is at least a big fan of LEGO Star Wars as we are.

But all fans of Technic Talk should not worry that we will not talk about LEGO Technic again. In general, we do not want to be too self-conscious and so, for example, a special Technic MOC session is planned as part of the News Conversation, where the latest news will also be discussed, but MOCs will be the main topic ahead.

We hope you join us again tomorrow and look forward to your feedback on our new News Talk!

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