‘It would be absolutely stupid if we were last again’

‘It would be absolutely stupid if we were last again’

Haas team boss, Gunther Steiner is done with his team being labeled ‘white Ferrari’ and that some teams have reportedly asked the FIA ​​to review the partnership with Ferrari. Steiner says that these comments come from teams “that have done a bad job.”

Three teams could Cars, Cars and Sports have raised the alarm with the FIA ​​because of the ‘white Ferrari’, as the VF-22 is jokingly called. Haas made a big step forward compared to last year, which makes the team look at the partnership with Ferrari with suspicion. Haas largely buys parts from Ferrari and has also brought in staff from Ferrari because Ferrari had to move some staff due to budget constraints.

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So the two teams work closely together, but Haas team principal Günther Steiner is now tired of his team being under the competition’s magnifying glass. “It’s always the same story,” Steiner says in a conversation with Sky Deutschland. “If we have a good car, then we have copied something. If we have a bad car, we are where we should be. I don’t think this simple way of thinking is very good. You have to respect people. We are not just there to fill the field.”

“We are also here to beat others,” added Steiner. “Usually, these kinds of accusations come from people who have done a bad job,” he laments. “Then they say that because we have done well, we have done something that is unusual. That is wrong to say and unsportsmanlike. If someone has done better, then you have to say, ‘Hats off, you did a good job but next year I will do better than you.’

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“Last year we focused on 2022,” continues Steiner. “If people think that if we don’t make a car for a year and then come to the end, we will be completely stupid. So unfortunately that’s not the case. We had a plan and it worked.”

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