Italian premium manufacturer Alfa Romeo is launching its new Alfa Romeo Certified label

Italian premium manufacturer Alfa Romeo is launching its new Alfa Romeo Certified label

In its strategy to get customers back, Alfa Romeo plays around: new cars like used cars. In the first case, it reassigns the array. The platform shown by the introduction of the Alfa Romeo Tonale small SUV and revised versions of the Giulia and Stelvio. In the second case, this leads to a better selection and a new display of second-hand cars. The method shown by creation of a new label Alfa Romeo Confirmed ».

As indicated Jean-Philippe Imparatomanaging director of transalpine manufacturer, on social networks, This new label – originally – is available and reserved for Italy. It will then be sent to other European markets, including France. Note that if French internet has yet to communicate officially on this development, new website submit these “selected opportunities” it is already working.

Behind this new plan to allow “Choose with confidence selected, inspected and certified used car by brand » hides the will of change purchases of used Alfa Romeo in actual experience brand”. In other words, closing the customer in the atmosphere of the brand and informing him of its values.

With this in mind, potential customers will be in contact with dedicated staff and will have the opportunity to test drive vehicles offered (without obligation to purchase) and promoted in specific locations.

Protect the residual values ​​of Alfa Romeo

In fact, a car that receives the Alfa Romeo Certified label is a used car 120 checkpoints checked by specialized technicians from the Alfa Romeo network. Full review which covers body parts, on-board electronics, safety equipment and of course mechanics. If necessary, genuine Alfa Romeo parts are used to bring the car up to standard »is specified.

Better yet, once the car is tagged, it is covered by 24 month, unlimited mileage warranty to cover parts and functionsœwork » and service of24/7 support across Europe. In the event of selling the car before the end of the warranty period, the final validity can be transferred to the new owner.

Finally, in this spirit of winning new customers, Alfa Romeo intends to protect its used car transactions by introducing“satisfaction or refund” service. within 10 days of purchase, provided it has traveled less than 1,000 km.

“Alfa Romeo is taking a new step with this unique used car certification program and its sale through a unique digital channel created ad hoc to ensure better protection of residual values [des véhicules de la marque]. Alfa Romeo Chosen is the best way to afford an Alfa and be part of the “tribe”comments in the press release Raffaele Russodirector of Alfa Romeo Italia.