It’s a battle for Formula 1. Dubai against Arabia but America is not suitable

It’s a battle for Formula 1. Dubai against Arabia but America is not suitable

System 1 is so popular that the Arab wars almost broke out over it. Things of the Sheikh. Dubai against Saudi Arabia if not for Cristiano Ronaldo. The blow came from Arabia which, through its Pif (Public Investment Fund), gave Liberty 20 billion dollars to buy the whole package. The answer was sent in a social letter by Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the president of the FIA ​​who is arriving from Dubai. “As the governing body of motorsport and as a non-profit organisation, the FIA ​​is cautious about the alleged $20 billion price tag charged to F1. Any potential buyer is advised to use common sense, focus on the beauty of the sport and present a clear and sustainable plan, not money It’s our responsibility to consider the future consequences for broadcasters in terms of increasing Grand Prix hosting fees and other commercial costs, and any negative impact this may have on fans.”

Money is not enough anymore. Anyone who built everything on the easy fuel of dollars is changing the attitude today. Raise your voice and say: don’t make ridiculous offers without having a well-defined plan for the future. A message that certainly makes sense because the world is full of people who put mountains of dollars on their plates, but fail to make their investments pay off. It just makes you smile that raising your voice against the new arrival from Saudi Arabia is a rich old man (from the day before yesterday) who, according to well-authorized rumour, bought himself an armchair that once belonged to Jean Todt.

According to Bloomberg’s reconstruction, the offer started last year and would have already been rejected by Liberty Media which would also have a legitimate capital gain of those that even the former Juve desired. In fact the Americans had paid 8 billion to Bernie Ecclestone for Formula 1. And unfortunately Liberty responded harshly to the president of the FIA: «Formula 1 has the exclusive right to use the commercial rights of the championship. The FIA ​​is unequivocally committed to doing nothing to affect the ownership, management and exploitation of these rights. We believe that the comments made through the social accounts of the FIA ​​President interfere with these rights in an unacceptable way”. In other words, don’t worry about the money, we will take care of that.

However, Saudi Arabia is not giving up. Since 2020, with his energy company Aramco, he has been one of the main sponsors of the World Championship which, thanks also to the success of recent years, is increasing in price. After nine years Fly Emirates has left Formula 1 where it invested 25 million per season and instead, according to Sport Business, a rival plane from the same region will arrive, Qatar Airways being ready to spend twice. However, it is always about emirs.

However, since 2020 Pif has held 7.5% of one of Uhuru’s three pillars and has shares in McLaren and Aston Martin. The feeling is that it is not satisfied with hosting the GP in Jeddah until 2027 and then on the new Qiddyah cycle. Arabia, which has not only bought Ronaldo, but also a piece of England (Newcastle), France (Dakar) and the Super Cups of Italy and Spain, wants to clean up its image and sports and in its Saudi Vision 2030 has also included madness. a project like that of Qiddiya City, an international sports center and more spread over an area twice the size of Milan. In short, contrary to what the president of the FIA ​​allows to believe, it seems that the Arabs do not only have a mountain of dollars, but also ideas to make them pay. Maybe we are in the first part.