It’s loud again about JK Rowling.  All because of the latest book

It’s loud again about JK Rowling. All because of the latest book

  • JK Rowling’s latest book is now on sale. The plot of the novel caused a scandal in England
  • “The Deep Black Heart” tells the story of an artist who is accused of transphobia and racism. He is tortured by people on the internet until finally he is killed
  • Harry Potter fans criticize author: “I don’t know what he expected”
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In recent years, JK Rowling has repeatedly made critical statements about transgender people. For example, he laughed at an article on Twitter that used the words “menstruating people”. “I’m sure there was a word for these people,” wrote Rowling, referring to the word “women.” In another statement, he accused transgender people of questioning biological sex and thereby harming feminism and women’s liberation.

As a result, queer fans of “Harry Potter” felt betrayed. The author’s words deeply hurt many people who could not stand life, and in the world of the wizarding world they were looking for an escape from the harsh reality. The main actors of the series: Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint also separated from the author. The criticism became so great that Rowling returned the prize for fighting for human rights. Today, the writer is a negative figure for many people.

“Heavy Black Heart”. A book with a biographical thread?

What is the author’s latest book about? “The Deep Black Heart” has already been released, causing controversy.

Artist Edie and her boyfriend Josh created an animated series called “The Pitch Black Heart” and uploaded it to YouTube. The action of the series takes place in a cemetery where various creatures and objects roam: a black heart of pitch, a spirit, a worm, a spirit in a mask. The project is successful and has a large fan base. One of them, called “Anomie” on the web, then creates a web game based on the show and gathers a community of fans of the series around him. The series is a huge commercial success. Suddenly, more and more viewers are starting to see problems with the “hidden message” in it. The behavior of the worm is supposed to refer to the environment of vision, because worms are biological hermaphrodites. Fans also said that the “black” heart drives away the good “white” spirit. Edie, who had previously tried to kill herself after being bullied online, is eventually stabbed to death. Anomie’s investigation and search begins.

Rowling herself commented that she wrote this book before “certain events.” So, depending on whether you believe it or not, the story can be considered a fictional satire or an expression of genuine hatred on the part of the author. Most of the Internet community has chosen the latter version.

The host of the Harry Potter queer show – The Gayly Prophet – said on the American radio station NPR:

“I don’t know what he was expecting, but after all the damage it has done to my community in the last few years, I’m glad this book has become the subject of an internet joke,” he added.

The darkness of the internet

Regardless of our attitude towards Rowling and her views, it must be admitted that she was able to create an interesting literary analysis of Internet communication. Much of the novel revolves around chat stories where groups of fans with different viewpoints talk to each other. Rowling shows how dangerous human-generated narratives online can be – and what they can lead to.

So if we want to look for parallels in the scandalous novel around Rowling and the signs of her transphobia, we will find them there. The beauty of literature, however, is that everyone can read and write whatever they want. For those who feel offended by the author, we recommend following Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s quote that opens one of the book’s chapters: