It’s shocking.  Ferrari leaves red.  New colors ready for the next race

It’s shocking. Ferrari leaves red. New colors ready for the next race

The start of the 2022 season was good in performance Ferrari. Charles Leclerc he won in the Bahrain GP and the Australian GP, ​​and finished second in the Saudi Arabian GP. Monaco was leading the general classification and looked to be the main contender for the championship. But with each race, these goals disappear. Team mistakes and unclear decisions about race strategy have a big influence on this situation.

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Formula 1. Ferrari changes color. A special event for the Maranello team

Ferrari hope to finally break their losing streak. A good opportunity to achieve this goal is the home race, namely the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. The Italian team hopes to be able to win again in this field. The last success of the team in the Italian GP took place in 2019. Then none other than Leclerc was on the top step of the podium.

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This season, special colors will also help him repeat his success. The Italians decided to add yellow to the car. A simulation of the change was published on social networks. The engine cover and rear wing of the car will be painted yellow. Some colors on the front of the car were also changed. Ferrari drivers will also be wearing yellow suits.

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The color change is not an accident. This is how the Italian team wants to celebrate Ferrari’s 75th anniversary as an independent car builder. This is also why this year’s car model from Maranello is called the F1-75. Yellow is also not bad luck. It is this color that is seen behind the Ferrari logo, and in the main plan there is a spinning horse. The new track will also serve as a tribute to the Monza track, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. “The Italian team, which did not win the race from Austria, hopes that the yellow one will bring them more luck,” emphasized the journalists from “The Sun”.

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The weekend at Monza will start with Friday’s practice sessions. In saturday there will be praise. On Sunday, September 11, the next race of the season will take place. Will the new colors allow Ferrari to break the losing streak?