IV Championship of the National League in girls’ volleyball for the Mayor’s Cup of the city and district of Lipsko

IV Championship of the National League in girls’ volleyball for the Mayor’s Cup of the city and district of Lipsko

MKS Gala, Photo, MKS Gala, Z. Biber

Published: May 23, 2023


On May 20, in the theater in II LO im. A. Mickiewicz, 4th National League Championship in girls’ volleyball for the Mayor’s Cup of Lipsko city and district was held. in two, three and four. The founder and organizer of the series of competitions, which are always held in one of the participants of the league, is coach Grzegorz. Bread from the club UKS Lider Lipsko.

The competition has a completely different formula. Girls play not for points but for special skills. By these rules in the Tournament, all players will be winners.

About 183 volleyball players participate in the league and in each subsequent tournament they receive one part of the medal, which has six parts. After all the competitions, he will create a whole one color.

Quoting the words of UKS Lipsko Coach, Aleksandra Przepiórka, “it is not the victory that is important, but the participation, as in life, the most important victory is not the fight, but the struggle.

It’s not just winning that matters, but fair, healthy competition.”

The following clubs participate in the league:

1. MUKS Jedynka Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski
2. MKS Gala Skarzysko
3. UKS OLIMP Opole Lubelskie
4. MPKS Zwoleń
5. OKS Volley Opatów
6.KS Video Ciepielów
7. UKS Volley Iłża

The first inaugural tournament took place on March 19, 2023 in Leipzig and the following skills were scored:
– play a step on three
– Hit the ball from the jump

The next edition is on April 6 in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, where the host was the club MUKS Jedynka Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski with a goal scored.
skills are:

– a good bet
– Hitting the ball with one hand from the jump

On Saturday 29.04. 2023, the 3rd Tournament was held, organized by UKS Volley Iłża. We played in division two, three and four with a round robin system
Completing skill: serves and punches the ball with one hand from the fly.

The next tournament will be held in Opole Lubelskie and the last, finishing the league in Leipzig.

The MKS Gala club board thanks the director of II LO Mr. Paweł Buryle for making the room available for the whole event.

All matches were decided by: club board – Ms. Agnieszka Kamińska, Mr. Jacek Mosiołek and Mr. Cezary Lisowski (chief referee) and coach Mr. Michał Waligóra. Current club players helped: Zuzanna Makuch, Wiktoria Lisowska, Katarzyna Głodzińska and Barbara Czerska.