Izera chose Geely’s Chinese platform like Polestar and Mini.  Power over 270 hp and a range of 450 km.

Izera chose Geely’s Chinese platform like Polestar and Mini. Power over 270 hp and a range of 450 km.

For a year, the media and social hype has been increasing, which stigmatizes the actions of the company creating the Polish electric car Izera. Finally, we have success and good news. The Izera will use Geely’s Chinese platform and seems to be a very good choice.

General mood of dissatisfaction. These are softer words that describe a social situation. Some time has passed, a lot of money has been spent, and there has been no tangible proof that a Polish electric car will be built. We’ve heard a lot since the fire launch we covered. Unfortunately, more than bad (such as the protest of ecologists or saying goodbye to Germany), which was quickly taken by the media, which created sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter visions of the future. I don’t know who to trust. It seems to me that the Chinese in this case can!

Izera and Geely from China

You can confidently and not without exaggeration say that the Chinese are saving the British car industry (and not only). They saved Lotus, LEVC (those famous London cabs), MG and a few others. They also bought an Aston Martin, which needed financing. They help bring SAAB back, they helped keep Volvo and Polestar on track. They also have a large stake in Mercedes, and now they will build an electric Izera with us!

Let’s forget about the bad for a while. We have just received good news. However, you should hear from the official announcement:

November 17, 2022, Warsaw, Poland/Hangzhou, China. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding), China’s largest private automobile group – a leader in technology – has signed a license agreement under which it will provide ElectroMobility Poland with an SEA (Sustainable Experience Design) platform dedicated to electric vehicles. Geely Holding becomes the technology partner of the first generation of EMP vehicles, launched under the Izera brand.

SEA Geely Holding’s architecture will help the Polish car brand in the ambitious challenges related to the development of the domestic car industry in the electric field. EMP plans to build a variety of C-segment electric vehicles. The first model will be an SUV. In addition, EMP has announced plans to produce two more models, an estate car and a hatchback, with launch dates to be announced in due course.

The agreement will significantly contribute to the spread of the SEA Architecture – launched on the market by Geely Holding in September 2020 to be the most advanced, fully electric and flexible technology, consisting of technical equipment, software and a comprehensive digital system. Products within the Geely Holding group have already decided to use this technology, and Zeekr and Smart products have already started the production and sale of vehicles based on the SEA platform. EMP is the first company outside the group to use this technology.


The above-mentioned benefits of driving foreign cars cannot be attributed to Geely alone. However, this company has a strong influence on the automotive industry in this part of the world. Geely as a company is at the forefront of the Chinese market. It is also a leader in Russia and Belarus (where it has a factory). It also has a factory in Ukraine. Now he also holds the Poles by the hand.

Daniel Donghui Li, CEO of Geely Holding Groupsaid: “We are proud to sign a license agreement with EMP to enable SEA’s industry-leading architecture. We are confident that this advanced technological platform will help EMP bring the highest quality products to market, ensuring their technological excellence in terms of mechanical aspects, software and durability of the solution. Poland plays an important role in the European automotive industry and I am sure that this agreement will facilitate a rapid transition to electric drives, and create wide economic opportunities in the electric field.

Platform 1

Izera will have a strong technical and scalable SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform. It is already used in Volvo and Polestar cars. It is also used by the new electric Mini and possibly the electric Lotus.

Piotr Zaremba, President of ElectroMobility Poland, said: The SEA platform fits perfectly with the concept of Izera as a product. Partnering with Geely provides EMP with industry-leading expertise as well as additional business opportunities. In the long term, this technology integration enables us to develop, engage more local suppliers and execute the project within the assumed business framework.

Classification revealed

It has been arranged results In measurements


5 stars
type of car RWD – rear
Power, kW/hp 200kW/272hp
Battery capacity, kWh 51/69
Range (WLTP, km) 340/450
Maximum DC charging power, kW 150
Fast charging time up to 80% 30 minutes
ADAS Level 2
Stopping distance 37
Brake Ventilated disc on both axles and electric power steering (iBooster)
Parking brakes Electricity, connected
in the calipers, acting on the rear wheels
Front suspension McPherson
Rear suspension Many ingredients
Length, mm 4500-4750
Width (without mirrors), mm 1820-1850
Length, mm 1500-1600

Source: Press News Izera