Jack Plooij expects a major overhaul at Ferrari: “Other toys are coming”

Jack Plooij expects a major overhaul at Ferrari: “Other toys are coming”

the team of Ferrari He started the season strong, but noticed Max Verstappen to be champion in Japan and Red Bull Racing he repeated the trick for the Austin teams. In 2022, the Scuderia has had a car that can fight for victory for a long time, but it has still made many mistakes. According to Jack Plooij, this has consequences for the team and new faces will join, he says in Race Cafe.

Ferrari, who still holds the record for the number of constructors’ championships (16), recently abandoned the 2021 season to focus on the current year and the new regulations. F1-75 started strongly and with reliability problems in the competition (Red Bull Racing), the Italian team gained a big lead. Still, the Austrian team turned that lead into a deficit for the Italians. It is partly related to the number of mistakes that Ferrari were able to make, which they are believed to have lost around 130 points.

New faces

Driver mistakes, unreliable engines, pit stops and strategic mistakes have been the cause of many Ferrari problems this year. According to Plooij, it is inevitable that consequences will follow. “Some things will change. There will be another figure. We don’t know who that will be, but there will be another figure,” says a former pit reporter in the program.

Mattia Binotto

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The Scuderia should be number three in the constructors’ standings Mercedes keep an eye out. The German line-up is just 53 points behind Ferrari and with three races to go and a sprint on the horizon, it could be exciting. Also Charles Leclerc he is still not safe in second place in the championship, as Sergio Pérez is only two points closer to Monegasque. So there is still something to gain for Ferrari, but the question is to what extent the team will intervene in the coming years. According to team boss Mattia Binotto, no one has a second chance. In August he said that the championship was not the goal, but the team wanted to be competitive throughout the season.