Jaguar is working on a four-door electric GT

Jaguar is working on a four-door electric GT

‘This is it unfinished business. Jaguar is being reborn,” said Jaguar Land Rover boss Adrian Mardell. That rebirth begins with three brand new Jaguars that are fully electric. One of the three cars is a four-door GT priced from £100,000. That is approximately 110,000 euros. TopGear talks to the famous people inside Jaguar.

Jaguar admits there has been a bit of a lull around the brand recently. The break was crucial to determine the future of the British car brand. The internal search is over and the brand is gearing up for three EVs that will be housed in the ‘Jaguar Electric Architecture’. The four-door GT should be able to achieve a range of 700 km with this technology.

Details of electric Jaguar

“This will be the most powerful Jaguar ever,” says Dutchman Lennard Hoornik. He is the Business Director of Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar isn’t daring to put numbers on performance yet, but you can assume it’s going to be impressive. Sales of the electric Jag will begin in 2024 with deliveries coming a year later.

Parent company Tata will oversee battery manufacturing. You may have heard about it. They have a big factory somewhere in Europe for this. Meanwhile, Jaguar is investing £15 billion to start a regeneration. The electric cars will be produced soon at the factory in Solihull, England.

The design of the electric Jaguar

What will the Jaguars be like? Creative boss Gerry McGovern doesn’t want to reveal too much about it yet. He says it will be “a copy of anything.” So it’s not the slick XFR-S you see above. “When these new Jaguars appear, people’s jaws should drop,” says McGovern. According to him, the designs should give a shock.