Jaguar Land Rover against fake news on electric mobility

Jaguar Land Rover against fake news on electric mobility

The turmoil that reigns over the ecological transition, over the passage from internal combustion engines to electric, over the impact on car manufacturers, on customers and, in general, on the environment, so much so that it has become one of the main engines. to discuss the topic in the media and the government, if he Jaguar Land Rover to help users, to help him find answers to doubts and mistrust: based on this mission, a guide has been created in 20 chapters to combat false information on electric vehicles: a digital book “Let’s discuss Fake News on the electric car – Act two” which, as the title suggests, is already in the second edition, and can be downloaded at the link: It is a an important document to spread the culture of sustainable mobility, and is part of a training course for schools, businesses and their customers, to stimulate awareness and cultural growth. “Let’s bust the Fake News about the electric car – The Second Law” is a publication for informational purposes only and does not take place, but wants to help promote a sustainable cultural change based on knowledge. Contrasta, with confirmed data and in flow and form of information , numbers and statistics, misconceptions and a few words about electric mobility.

Jaguar Land Rover against fake information on electric mobility and manual in 20 chapters

For the industry of misinformation and fake news on the electric car, the past year has been unusual in terms of a dangerous phenomenon that has gradually gained more and more recognition, even becoming one of the main topics of political debate. The objections are many, from the classic “now it will not be enough for all these cars“for”we don’t have the columns to load them all”, always pass on the green”Electricity pollutes more than others“.

And yet, considering that education is the most powerful weapon to use to change the world, taking the concepts of Nelson Mandela, even in the migration sector, the cultural aspect cannot and should never be ignored. That is why Jaguar Land Rover Italia is at the forefront in the education and training of today’s and tomorrow’s drivers. A world leader in the luxury SUV segment with its three product families, Range Rover, Discovery and Defender, Jaguar was the first brand to offer an all-electric SUV, the Jaguar I-PACE and, along with the project Let’s think againand is well positioned to redefine the future of Modern Luxury through design and sustainability.

At the heart of the strategy Let’s think again there is the electrification of all Jaguar and Land Rover brands, which have two different personalities: by the end of this decade, the Range Rover, Defender and Discovery families will each have a fully electric model, while Jaguar, by 2025, will develop. 100% electric cars only.

Jaguar Land Rover’s vision is to become a zero carbon company by 2039 in its product chain, distribution and processing. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motorspart of Tata Sons, since 2008, Jaguar Land Rover has the unparalleled opportunity to work with leading technology and sustainability players within the Tata Group.