Jan Lammers: “Give Nyck de Vries half a season to get used to it”

Jan Lammers: “Give Nyck de Vries half a season to get used to it”

Nyck de Vries should be given half a season to get up to speed as a full-time Formula 1 driver, according to Dutch Grand Prix sporting director Jan Lammers. The former F1 driver thinks it’s amazing that the Netherlands is experiencing a special moment in motorsport.

Lammers told De Telegraaf: “Now we have a second Dutch driver in F1. What is happening is unusual. We also have Rinus van Kalmthout in IndyCar, MP Motorsport is the F2 champion, Atze Kerkhof is the driver coach at Alfa Romeo and Rudy van. Buren is sim driver in Red Bull Racing. There was a time when things like this were completely unthinkable.”

However, Lammers also warns that, given Max Verstappen’s dominance in Formula 1 and De Vries’ Williams debut at Monza, the expectations of the 27-year-old rookie de Vries could be too high.

“We can have a lot of emotions on the one hand, but I also think it’s good to set realistic expectations for next year. What Nyck showed in Monza was good, but he also realized that Monza is the easiest physical track and the best track. year for Williams ,” Lammers said.

“We all have to give Nyck the first half of the season next year to feel good in the car and everything that follows. We have to give him time for that,” Lammers emphasized. Hopefully AlphaTauri will make progress and then we can judge Nyck after the summer break. Anything he can achieve before then is an advantage. We shouldn’t underestimate teammate Yuki Tsunoda either.”