JBL Quantum 910X – hardware review

JBL Quantum 910X – hardware review

The Rolls-Royce of wireless headphones



Joel Kogler
measured on Xbox Series X/S

Sound is something that is often underestimated in video games. Indeed, in competitive games — whether it’s a long-range sniper in Battle Royale or soft footsteps in “Call of Duty” — sound can mean the difference between life and death. But sound is also absolutely essential for single-player games. Take, for example, “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” and think away from the professional hype of the summer. This would nip much of the fun in the bud.

So it is not surprising that there is also a huge selection of different providers in the field of gaming headsets. We received the new Quantum 910X from JBL for review and put it to the test for a variety of games, movies and music on Xbox and PC. Here you can find out how we did it.

The arrangement

In your box with the JBL Quantum 910 you have various options for connecting your new audio equipment to the device. Thanks to the included cable, you can easily connect the model to old devices. Of course, the real strength of the Quantum 910 lies in the ease of wireless connectivity. For this you use a wireless USB adapter (also with a USB-C adapter) or a direct Bluetooth connection. You can use the latter for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PC or Phone, but not for…

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