Jeep Compass E-Hybrid (2022) – Reviews and Details

Jeep Compass E-Hybrid (2022) – Reviews and Details

Special note: in the Netherlands no single car from a traditional American Jeep is available with a V8 engine or six-cylinder engine. Even the new Grand Cherokee, a hangman about five feet[5 m]tall, comes to the Netherlands with four cylinders. The last straw for clean gasoline engines is the 1.3-liter Compass and Renegade simplicity, but soon you will have nothing but good things to say about it. From that point on, every Jeep has been electrified.

The four-liter 1.3-liter cylinder is converted to a more efficient hybrid with a four-liter 1.5-cylinder with an electric motor with 20 hp and 135 Nm in supply. An alternator on a gasoline engine is now also used as a starting engine. The battery measures 1.8 kWh and charging is done without plugging. It is possible to drive at the lowest speed electrically, but here the Jeep Compass E-Hybrid is very stubborn: there are no driving modes to choose from, so the car decides for itself when the gasoline engine is running.

The Jeep Compass E-Hybrid runs (slightly) quite electrically

In practice, this means that you are driving out of the parking lot electronically, moving quietly on the traffic light queue and covering the electrically moving slow-moving traffic jams. At high speed speeds, the electric motor operates independently up to around 30 km / h, but if you are already pumping a little more gas, the gasoline engine will happily assist. A maximum electrical speed of 55 miles per hour can be more logical, so you can drive more electrically within built-in areas. On the other hand, the first meters are always the most unsuitable.

Switching from one power source to two that works together is not always smooth. Sometimes the engines seem reluctant to meet in the narrow hallway (“After you!” – “No, after you!”). As a result, the constant input from the acceleration pedal is not always answered with linear acceleration. Sometimes things get a little complicated. It is not the softest hybrid train in the world. And not too fast, by the way.

Applying the brakes is also not smooth

Brakes are also not a feast of self-sufficiency. This is done in part with an electric motor to restore energy and in part with brake discs. If you break it carefully, it usually slows down very slowly, but if you use more pedal pressure, it suddenly dives very hard.

For more positive feedback, the Jeep Compass E-Hybrid could be ordered as Upland (not shown). On the outside, the Jeep paints chic Matter Azur and the grilles are brass. This version uses Seaqual materials for interiors. This company removes plastic from the sea and makes sustainable upholstery from it.

A good idea that we like to use extra leaves and throw them into the sea (just kidding, of course). Chairs with these items are ideal and a piece of fabric on the dashboard is a nice change from leather or artificial carbon fibers. Some interiors seem to be perfectly completed, and these days there is a full digital dashboard behind the wheel that looks good, but where more information can be displayed.

Price of Jeep Compass E-Hybrid

The starting price of the Jeep Compass E-Hybrid rises to about 2,500 euros to 41,140 euros. Consider going for 4xe. This combination of plug-ins has extraordinary power, works a little smoother because you can drive more on an electric motor and cost about an additional 6,000 euros. But with the current mess of gasoline, you can sometimes find it again.

Details of Jeep Compass E-Hybrid (2022)


1,469 cc
hybrid four-cylinder turbo
130 + 15 hp @ 5,500 rpm
240 + 135 Nm @ 1,500 rpm

front wheels
7v direct

0-100 km / h at 10.0 s
over 193 km / h
Consumption (average)

5.6 l / 100 km
128 g / km CO2

4,404 x 1,874 x 1,629mm (LxWxH)
2,636mm (wheelbase)
1,500 kg
55 liters (petrol)
424 / 1,270 liters (luggage)

€ 41,140 (NL)
nb (B)