Jeep Compass – Facelift Friday

Jeep Compass – Facelift Friday

The Jeep Compass has been completely updated, but surprisingly it doesn’t look quite clear. Jeep offers little publicity to him and much more information not just outside, but in the interior. A good time to look closely to lift the face.

We don’t know if it’s a trick or a policy, but by and large we have to analyze together the information about the Jeep Compass raised in the face. The car was first seen in China, where cars are often very different from what we see in Europe. Later, the updated Compass also appeared in our areas, but still in a hidden trim. We did not get our first glimpse of the officially revised Compass in Europe until last week, but the information was hidden in rumors about the 80th Anniversary Edition which is not very important.

Surprising, but the face-lift Compass seems to have reached the European territory. On the outside the changes seem small, but the slide plate below shows that much has changed. For example, the shape of the headbands is slightly different, especially along the bottom. The LED strip for daytime running lights moves from the bottom to the top of the unit.

The front bumper also has a different shape, where the center of gravity seems to move upwards. By the way, we look at the common nose on the plate below, the Compass Trailhawk has a different front bumper.

In the background, the information seems limited to some more colorful elements and perhaps some color accents, but inside everything is completely redesigned. The complete dashboard goes into most junk and is replaced with a new one. That was important, because the existing Compass dashboard did not seem to be quite modern. The new text pulls the figure forward for at least ten years. Clean lines, optically connected ventilation grilles and larger screens, suddenly contrasts make the Jeep interior look much cleaner.

We still rely on the Jeep for subcutaneous changes and information about trim levels, engines and prices, but with the above scrutiny and media images from India, we can already make a decision about visible changes. Vote!