Jeep: here is the key to success in the UK according to the CEO

Jeep: here is the key to success in the UK according to the CEO

Jeep he is looking to turn his fortunes around in the UK – a market we have “destroyed twice,” the boss admitted. Christian Meunier for Autocar. This should come with a big push towards power supply. The US firm has identified electric vehicles, including the warmly received Jeep Avenger, as the key to breaking into the UK, where it currently holds a “non-existent” share of 0.3% of the SUV market. During an interesting interview, the Frenchman talks about the new future of Jeep in Europe, its image and the power of enthusiasm of the British market.

The CEO of Jeep explains how he plans to relaunch the brand in the UK

“For me, there is nothing more fun than driving an electric car in 4×4, and the reason is the torque on demand, the feel of the pedal and the regeneration of the brake. You accelerate and brake with the same pedal, and that means you can get the torque you need . It’s very accurate, very accurate, very smooth, very smooth. And at the same time it’s quiet so you can hear the birds. The only thing you feel is the ball on the rocks. We launched Brawler 4x two years ago and we are already number one in the plug-in hybrid vehicle segment in North America. And with the Grand Cherokee that we launched last November, we are in second place, ahead of several brands that have been in the hybrid world” announced the number one American company.


“We are doing very well and the reason is that the product is better. All in all, people, enthusiasts, love their V6, but experience one Jeep Wrangler electricity and realized that maybe they were wrong and changed their minds,” added the CEO of the American brand. As for England, Meunier believes things can be improved. According to the boss of the American company, all recent studies show that the British still like the Jeep brand a lot and therefore it will be important to pay more attention to its segment. lifestyle. In addition, it will be important to strengthen the link with sellers who have lost trust. From this point of view the new avenger it might be a good start. For Meunier, however, the brand has all the right qualities to re-establish itself in what remains one of the most important automotive markets in the world.