Jeep Renegade 4xe: The best of both worlds!

Jeep Renegade 4xe: The best of both worlds!

When I think of a Jeep I think of power, a nice big grill, outdoor living and especially that rugged look that makes almost every Jeep have character. And then suddenly there was a (partial) electric Jeep. In my opinion, this is the best and most logical combination that I can think of at this time. The best of both worlds come together in this car, indeed; it looks like you are buying two cars with the purchase of this car. On the one hand, a car where you can make your daily journey and travel silently and fully electric and at the end of the week you take this car firmly in the forest, on the beach or in another bad area, because 4×4 is still this car and that’s it. the joy of experience.

Lots of comments

Jeep still attracts a lot of people. Whether you are driving in the city, venturing into the forest or taking the Jeep to its natural habitat; off-road area. Everywhere you go with this little all-terrain vehicle you see necks turn and get thumbs up and you have to take the time to explain to people that this compact vehicle is also partially electric. Huuuuh Jeep, but with cable? Yes, Jeep PHEV Renegade to be exact. When the Jeep is fully loaded, you can easily reach a distance of 70 km with it and if your destination is a little more than a few times a month, you always have a backup of the 35 liter gas tank.

Despite the fact that I don’t need that gas tank much in my daily activities, it still gives me a safe feeling as a beginner electric driver. Imagine that somewhere on the side of the road I would be without power, then I can’t just go and take a jar with some kilowatts 😉 It’s just a problem that you can hear about a novice electric driver. Therefore, this car is suitable for those people who want to drive an electric car and who can drive because of the short distances they travel every day, but who want to travel to the countryside regularly.

Let me just be that. I love being able to run errands, visit friends and family in nearby towns, take my daughter to her play and go to the office every now and then. In my case, this is all electric, so I don’t have to use the gasoline engine. (almost) Wherever I go I can plug in the car and when I get home I make sure it’s fully charged at night. Then the weekend arrives….

That’s where I really like to go out, go to the beach or go for a nice ride on my mountain bike. Then I’m glad that my beautiful electric Jeep is also an amazing 4×4 off-road vehicle, which can use a hybrid and fully on a gasoline engine. Enjoy the weekend with the men, ride your bike, tent on this beautiful car and transform this beautiful electric Jeep into a cool and cool off-road vehicle that is known by many enthusiasts as: Jeep Renegade. At the end of the weekend, really, wash away all the effects of the weekend, so that on Monday you can be a clean, hard-working father who takes his daughter to school by electricity, because it rained very little today. ride a bike to go.

The best of both worlds

For me, this car is a great addition to Dutch roads. With its tough looks and hybrid engine, it falls into the category as far as I’m concerned: ugly shell, white hole. Good looks, equipped with every comfort, high entry, but not exactly an SUV as we already know, this is a Jeep to drive with pride. Due to its compactness, it is suitable for congestion and small spaces in the city, but due to its stable and flexible character, this topper will not look out of place in the outdoor area. A car that I think will sell well in the Netherlands. And let’s be honest, isn’t this a great transition from petrol engines to electric variants? As far as I’m concerned, the hybrid is the big winner right now. The best of both worlds!