Jeep Renegade price.  Also in a version with a soft hybrid

Jeep Renegade price. Also in a version with a soft hybrid

The new Jeep Renegade is no longer offered with the 150 HP 1.3 Turbo. It was officially replaced by a smooth hybrid that produces the same total power, although it was obtained from a larger capacity of 1.5 liters. However, the role of the base unit is still played by the 120 HP 1.0.

Unfortunately, due to changes in the range, the price also changed a lot. This will resonate especially with those who are interested in the release of the base.

Jeep Renegade – lowest engine price:

  • 1.0 T3 Turbo 120 KM M6 – from PLN 96 600
  • 1.5 T4 Turbo MHEV 130 KM + 20 KM 7DCT – from 118,200 PLN
  • 1.6 Multijet 130 HP M6 – from PLN 108 500

There are five versions of the equipment to choose from, of which the last one has become the basic one. This has its advantages, because the base is no longer poor. The downside, however, is the price, which jumped to PLN 96,600.

Previously, the Longitude had to be spent PLN 87,310, and the now unavailable Sport started from PLN 79,200. The threshold to take possession of the Renegade has therefore jumped beyond compare.

Jeep Renegade (2022)
Photo source: © mat. media / Jeep

Jeep Renegade (2022)

Jeep Renegade – equipment versions:

  • Longitude – from PLN 96,600 – as usual, incl. cruise control, dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, multi-function steering wheel, multimedia system with 7-inch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth, sunset and rain sensor , 16-inch alloy wheels.
  • Night Eagle II – from PLN 124 750 – incl. automatic gearbox + smooth hybrid, tinted mirrors and rails, 18 inch rims
  • The limit – from PLN 107 650 – incl. front collision avoidance system, cruise control, satin interior inserts, electric lumbar support, split bench seat, front parking sensors, keyless entry system, photochromatic rear view mirror, 17′ rims ‘
  • Up – from PLN 139 800 – in addition, incl. tinted windows, floor mats, multimedia with 8.4 inch screen, navigation,
  • S. – from PLN 146 500 – incl. door panels with vinyl inserts, rearview camera with parking assist, Kenwood sound system, 19-inch wheels