Jeep, the best offer for the entire range: you save more than 12 thousand euros, what a deal

Jeep, the best offer for the entire range: you save more than 12 thousand euros, what a deal

With this offer on Jeep you get savings of more than 12 thousand euros, which makes the offer absolutely unmissable for those who are preparing to buy a good four-wheeled vehicle.

It’s time to celebrate, because fans and potential customers of Jeep they will be able to take advantage of the offers that the brand has made available for practically the entire range. A series to reduce the total cost of four motorcycles, which can be described as unique as an offer. However, you should be careful because it will only be available until April 20, 2024.

Jeep ads until April 20, 2024 (ANSA) – off-road

Discounts apply SUV Jeep fast delivery. To get the discount, just download the ‘Jeep Days’ coupons by linking directly to the official website of the American company. Stellantis group. Various coupons are related to the original price reduction, which results in savings of up to 12,500 euros.

Obviously the discount will also depend on which model the customer prefers and in this case you are spoiled for choice. For example, forAvenger e-Hybrid you get a discount of 1,000 euros, but if you choose one car but in the gasoline version you get 2,500 and 3,500 euros – the expected maximum in this case – if you choose the Avenger 100% electric car, so in line. and a sustainable path is being followed. But it didn’t end here.

Jeep, big discounts until April 20: deals you can’t miss across the entire range

Who will prefer the example Rebel (regardless of the engine) will get a discount of 6,000 euros, while the offer will remove 8,000 euros from the final price if Jeep and Compass both diesel powered and in version e-Hybrid. The Compass 4xhowever, it is available on the basis of savings of 10,500 euros, while in the case of Grand Cherokee 4x you get -7,500 euros for the original price. Amazing savings on Gladiator: at least 10,000 euros. However, to reach the maximum reduction, ie 12,500 euros, you will need to choose a model. Brawler 4x.

Save on the Jeep lineup with coupons
Jeep, unmissable advertising continues (ANSA) – off-road

By connecting to the car company’s website, enter the model and personal data in the first field at the top right, then proceed with the coupon. Obviously this has nothing to do with monthly offers, even those that are always valid. For example, there is Jeep Avenger Longitude Full-Electricfrom the list price to 39,400 euros incl Simple wallpaper in case of dissolution. The development amounts to 33,100 euros, including a government contribution of 3,000 euros, in financial leasing. This can be redeemed at the end of the “loan” with an advance of 9,917 euros, paid in 35 monthly installments of 159 euros. The redemption will be 20,878 euros and a total interest of 2,031 euros. So, the total comes to 35,131 euros. In the case of returning and/or exchanging the vehicle by the contractually agreed deadline, a cost of €0.06/km will be charged if the vehicle has exceeded 30,000 km. TAN 3.75% and APR 5.12%.