JEFFERIES: Rolls-Royce “hold” –

JEFFERIES: Rolls-Royce “hold” –

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Thursday, 05/12/22 14:25

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20220512 – NEW YORK (dpa-AFX Analyzer) – According to a timely report, the Jefferies analysis house dropped the Rolls-Royce rating on “Hold” with a target price of 95 pence. The driving system and major engine manufacturer have met expectations, wrote analyst Chloe Lemarie in a study found on Thursday. The medium-term objectives of the civilian business are consistent./la/edh Publication research publication: 05/12/2022 / 02:46 / ET First distribution of original research: 05/12/2022 / 02:46 / ET Note: Information on the obligation of disclosure in Conflicts of Interest within the meaning of Article 85 (1) WpHG, Art 20 VO (EU) 596/2014 to the mentioned analysis organization can be found at http: //web.dpa- afx .de / offenlegungspflicht / offenlegungs_obligation.html.

Source: dpa-AFX Analyzer

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